Dorcas Has Cheeks!

We received a new picture of Dorcas on Thursday.  She has a great big smile and is getting chubby cheeks.  Her foster Mom emailed and said she's getting baby fat in all the right places lol!  See for yourself!



I've also have asked a couple of times if there was anything that Shane could personally bring for the foster family since I'm sure they can't get our “American” stuff there.  She finally gave me an answer.  Wonder if Shane can keep semi-sweet chocolate chips from melting …  we'll let ya know.


Thrift store find of the day… 2 suitcases for $6.50 for both and the buy of the day (drumroll please)  …. a brand new looking reversible Snuggli  for 99cents.  Guess that's the answer to the question of whether we “need” and Ergo or not. 99cents or $99– I think 99cents!


Still waiting with 15 others… from Acres of Hope to have passports signed.  Then as soon as Shane can get a flight, he'll be off. 


2 thoughts on “Dorcas Has Cheeks!

  1. You can possibly pack the chocolate chips in a box with an ice pack~that’s how a chocolate store here mails things out. Just a suggestion~your girlie looks MIGHTY CUTE!

    I’ve been playin’ my dulcimer~have you? (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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