A Wonderful Lord’s Day

We had made plans to visit Redeemer PCA church yesterday.  This is one of Shane’s biggest clients and he has become good friends with the deacon that handles the account.  This is the man that wanted to know what they could do to help with the adoption.  Mark is also one of the reasons Shane started studying reformed doctrine.  Needless to say, I was very nervous… the boys didn’t get enough sleep, would they behave?, could this be a church possibility ? (we’d have to figure out a way around the "infant baptism")  I was going to meet Mark and his family, would I like them?  Would they like me?  We’re we dressed up enough for the more "high church"?  (I must have changed my mind 5 or 6 time about what I was going to wear).  Had I built this up in my mind to much and would I be disappointed? 


Church service started at 11 so out the door at 9:30.  It only ended up taking an hour, but since we had never been there, we weren’t sure… it ended up being a nice drive too.  Except for the little argument that Shane and I found ourselves in the middle of — good sign, we always argue when something good is going to happen. Does anybody else do that? 


The hour passed quickly and there is a QuickTrip on the way for that Sunday morning cup of cappachino. 


The sermon title… "How Long O Lord?"  from Psalm 13 about suffering.  I took notes!  I even wrote in my Bible!  This is something I haven’t done for quite a while. Pastor Curry mentioned "hell" twice… something I haven’t heard from a pulpit in a very, very long time.  He talked about why David wasnt’ just moaning or complaining but lamenting.  He quoted Spurgeon.  He preached the Word of God and it was good!  The lesson was one I needed to hear!  It seems we have been waiting a long time for several things.  A good, solid church home, our next adoption, like-minded friends to fellowship with, extended family issues.


The service was more formal than we were familiar with.  I like the responsive readings.  Hannah wasn’t too sure.  Isaac LOVED it, but he loves anything the first time.  (Even food– he’ll take one bite and say he "loves" it, then a few bites later he’s backpeddling).  They serve communion every week and it is an important part of the service, not done just as a passing thought.  We discovered that Shane prays like a Presbyterian lol!  The elder’s prayer sounded just like Shane prays.    The organ was a bit overwhelming, but we could hear the people around us singing.  There was a baptism, it was an older boy that had been adopted… many multicolored adopted families.  The women were dressed modestly.  No breasts or bottoms hanging out.  The teens we saw were respectful and polite.  The children weren’t running around crazy.  People were friendly, very friendly. 


We met the Davis family.  And went to Planet Sub for lunch together.  His wife and 4 children were lovely people, as is Mark.  They have 1 boy and 3 girls.  One of the girls is Hannah’s age and Charlie is about a year older than Isaac.  They other 2 girls are younger.   We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and fellowshipping together.  The children behaved very well at church and reasonably well at lunch. 


I had an opportunity to ask questions.  Mark and Shelly did give me some new things to think about with the infant baptism — they were both Baptist too before coming to Redeemer.  Funny, I’d ask a question and Shane would grin like a Cheshire cat.  After we left, he said that these were all things he had been looking at, and considering but let me ask my question because he wanted to see if Mark and Shelly gave the same answers that he had found.  Very interesting to say the least.  Not ready to jump ship, but do understand the position much better.  


 Thankfully, God is growing Shane and I together.  And even more thankfully, I’m waiting on my husband to study before I jump in.  When I have jumped in ahead of Shane, it never turns out good.  I get prideful because God has shown me something he hasn’t shown Shane.  In the end, I realize I was decieved (just like Eve) and then I have to backpeddle and repent of my sin.  Since I have been waiting on my husband, we have yet to go down a wrong path.  God is so good. 


While understanding that this is the first visit, we were encouraged.  Yesterday, we discovered that we need to sit farther back when we’re visiting a church instead of up front like we normally do.   We saw much more of the church than we do when we sit up front. 


The e-free church is still a possiblity… we have a few more congregations to visit before we narrow down the options.  We will be at our "church home" next Sunday.  They are starting to get suspicious… the only other like-minded family has been visiting one of the other churches that we are planning to visit and really like it.  We’ve been gone at the same time a few Sundays and I think several people believe we have been together.  How funny. 


On a side note, please pray for me tonight.  God put me in a small group women’s study with our Preacher’s wife, me and 3 others.  We have been studying Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book "Lies Women Believe"  this month’s topic is lies women believe about children.  Each of these lies is something we have believed for a long, long time, but will be new to these women.  I am afraid I will let me frustration show tonight.  There has not been one of these studies that I have come away encouraged after leaving, in fact most often I call Shane on the way home and say "You won’t believe…"  I know God has placed me in this group, I have little in common with any of them… Please pray that God will give me wisdom tonight and that if I am to speak I will speak His words and not my own. 


6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Lord’s Day

  1. We were baptists also. In fact, dh was very against infant baptism when we first started into reformed doctrine and were attending a small Pres. church. But covenantal theology just began to make more and more sense and our pastor at the time did a message on that one Sunday and it all clicked with us.

    Anyway, we have communion every Sunday and a more liturgical service and at first–when its so foreign–it isn’t easy. But now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. God will lead you. Sometimes not as quickly as we’d like, but He will.


  2. Hi Christine – I’m so glad yesterday went well. I wanted to let you know I sent out an email to two ladies asking prayer for you tonight. I didn’t mention your name but just told them you are a friend. These sweet gals one a Mother of 8 and one a Mother of 5 are in prayer for you. I will also be praying for you to have the right words and that any disagreements can be handled in love.


  3. wow! reformed doctrine – presbyterian liturgy – responsive readings – formal prayers – covenant baptism – you guys are ready for a california vacation and a visit to CVERC! (where…i might add…you will see neither breast nor bottom hanging out – a fact we fail to include in our church brochure…).
    we have been in your shoes before…so i’m glad you had a nice visit…fletch


  4. We’ve done this before. On vacation last year, we visited http://www.reformationchurch.com in Col Springs and LOVED IT! Of course it was age integrated and Redeemer is not.

    I told Heather the other day I thought all of you should leave liberal CA to the heathens and move west! lol.

    Someday, in God’s time, we may make it west.


  5. Move East — to the mid west. How confusing. Although a houseboat community of like minded believers sounds pretty good– wonder how they’d fare in an earthquake? But earthquakes might be better than tornadoes– I’ll have to think on that one. I’m getting loopy–not enough sleep last night. I better stop while I’m ahead, or behind.


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