Maybe Funny to Me Alone

Last night we had a couple of families over for a little Bible study and fellowship.  Bubba did not have a good day and had some consequences to yet face after our friends left– it was after midnight when he finally finished.  Needless to say he was very tired today, but had a much better attitude.  And a little loopy from lack of sleep, come to think of it, I'm a little loopy from lack of sleep too and these may not be funny to anybody else…if not, please forgive me and understand that laughing is better than crying. 


Bubba and Little Bit playing together I'm fairly certain quietly arguing about something: 

I say “quit arguing”

Bubba says “we're not arguing— are we Little Bit?”


Sitting at the dinner table ready to pass dishes. 

I say “be careful, that pot's probably hot”

Bubba says ” Yes, I just experienced that”   (sounding so very grown up).  He then went on to explain how the bottom was hot, but the top wasn't too hot. 


Shane decided I needed an electronic tuner for my dulcimer, as I couldn't figure out how to get the thing tuned without it– I played flute in my younger years, no strings to figure out.  I also finally got around to watching a video that I borrowed from the library “Mel Bay's learn to play the dulcimer with Mark Biggs”. I discovered I also should have a pick to play better, and needed a new melody string since I popped the string so many times trying to get it tuned that it was beyond repair. 


Back to the story.  Last night I was tuning that 4th string and Shane thought he'd goof around and figure out what key he “sang” in.  Let me just say that he has many, many wonderful gifts, but singing is not one of them.  He never hit the green light.  Even whistling was off key. 

So tonight he says,” I figured out which key I sing in”

I bite and say, “okay?”

He says, “L”

I say for, “lousy”

He says, “right”


BTW, my dulcimer sounds better than ever and I'm over my buyers remorse.  Sure wish I'd have watched that video sooner.  Shane also told me about this neat shop over on the Kansas side, that he said I needed to go check out.  He said he'd leave his wallet at home that day –hehehe, but I have mine complete with checkbook and credit card.  As long as I have checks it's okay, right?   Just kidding.


We have a mouse in the house.  Part of country life.  But I'm kind of surprised since it's summer. 

Shane sets off the trap, drops it and I yelp. 


He says “I wish you wouldn't do that”

I say “I wish you wouldn't do that”

Him “I can't help it”

Me “I can't help it either”


Time to go to bed — sweet dreams everyone




4 thoughts on “Maybe Funny to Me Alone

  1. So like family things. I never remember those things to write down.

    Hope your day goes well.



  2. Shane’s extremely allergic to cat’s. I thought Ben (chocolate lab) was a pretty good mouser, but apparently he hasn’t seen it– he catches them outside. Maybe why the mouse is inside 🙂


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