Now Wonder this World’s Gone Mad

We have dual alarms on our clock radio.  Shane gets up at 5 and I get up at 7.  We have the radio set to Bott Radio Network 92.5 on the dial.  Sometimes, it'll come in fuzzy, or Shane will bump it when he turns his alarm off, or mysteriously the dial will get moved in the night.  That was the case this morning. 


Instead of John MacArther, I ended up with “Idiot Morning Drive Time DJ” — 3 of them.

They were “discussing” (yes, I use that term loosely) embryonic stem cell research.  How wonderful it was, how Laura Bush really wanted it to help her dad, but she couldn't express her true views because of George.  How most of the people in this country and not only that, but most republicans wanted this research. How we are going to get behind the world in medical research because “everyone” else is doing it.   They were crude, rude and obnoxious.  Making fun of how an embryo isn't life–one guy even asked if sperm was life and then sarcastically stated that he killed a few last night.  How Christians only care about the embryo and those at the end of life– like  Teri Shiavo.  “They don't give a rat's a– about the years in between”  How stupid Christians are because the minister in the baptismal pool touched the microphone and died, and the church started praying.  And on and on. 


I was sickened within the first 10 seconds after I realized what was going on, but I continued to listen to this foolish talk.    I wanted to know what radio station was dumb enough to employ such idiots.  And now I don't remember what station it was.  It was right next to 92.5 on my dial though.  I thought about writing a letter abaout how embarrassed I was to be an American with these idiots representing me to the world, but I figured it'd just give them fuel for their fire. 


I think they're talking like this because they are running scared.  Them and every other Liberal in the country.  They are losing and don't know why.  Maybe they should read Spunky's post this morning. 



“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”





2 thoughts on “Now Wonder this World’s Gone Mad

  1. What a bad thing to wake up to! Those sorts are the very example of the fool Proverbs talks so much about. Spunky’s post was great. I think that if Jesus does not come back in the next 15 years there will be another revival in America and the Homeschool kids of today will lead it.


  2. Not ready to put a number of years on it, but if a revival comes it will be from our homeschooling families. Didn’t Gregg Harris mention this at the MPE convention this year?


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