You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…And a Review/Recommendation

You're trying to get dinner on the table, but can't because Dad and the children are at the island piled around the microscope looking at the compound eye of a dead Cycadia that Dad brought home. 

“Oh excuse me, am I in the way?” 

Of course I was there looking at it too.  

Maybe I shouldn't say anything.


BTW, we worked hard to earn enough “excellent dollars” to purchase a brock magiscope .  We had seen one at an Elijah Company seminar waaaaaaaay back.  Not long after we married.  We talked then, about getting one someday when we had children.  12 years later… 

It has lived up to every expectation.  Except I cannot get the children to take it outside– go figure.  They want to take everything else outside but the one thing I've told them they CAN take outside. 

I highly recommend it–it is reasonably priced ($119) and then you add on the accessories you want.  It is  easy to use, no electricity needed, no major wheels to focus, just have to make sure you have enough light where you're examining things. 

And they have an unconditional warranty– if it breaks, for ANY reason, they will replace it.   (so good when you have rough and tumble boys in the home).  You can take it out of the holder and explore anything with it. 

 If you're in the market for a microscope, go check it out… if you're not in the market for a microscope, go check it out… and put it on your list.  It's that good.  Just know that you won't get it right away because they make every magiscope personally to your order.   




2 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…And a Review/Recommendation

  1. A friend just recently had her last homeschooled child graduate. She gave us their microscope. It is a really high quality one. I am so grateful. I recently learned that you can put a camera lens up to a microscope lens and take pics. I will have to try that.

    I noticed while reading your profile that you like to make rugs. I started a braided rug a year ago using old clothing scraps and I haven’t gotten very far with it. I think braided rugs are simply beautiful.


  2. I took a class at an 1800’s village nearby for rug braiding. Haven’t picked the bag up since then except to finally put it in the closet. It’s one of those things that I would love to commit more time to, but it takes alot of room. One of these days I would love to pull it out again. Too many projects going. Still working on Bubba’s afgan that I started about a year ago.

    I’ll have to try the camera with the microscope then we could share our Cycadia.


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