Changed Vacation Plans

Last night I cancelled our hotel rooms in St. Louis and Hannibal for next week.  I made those reservations back in the spring.


Shane usually gets off work at noon the Friday before labor day and we drive to our destination.  We spend the week together sightseeing and enjoying our time together.  This time last year we were planning for Colorado Springs.  What a GREAT place!!!  We want to go back again.


This year, since we didn't know where we were going to be in the adoption process, we decided to plan to stay pretty close to home.  But, conceivably,  Shane could travel any time now, since he's in sales he really can't be away from clients for 2 weeks or more so close together, so we decided to change plans.  He's going to take Tuesday and Wednesday off work and we're going to do a mini-Kansas City vacation. 


One of Kendra's entries, at Preschoolers and Peace gave great ideas for inexpensive date nights when you have young children.  Our 2nd anniversary, we were broke!  2 grad students in Abilene, TX broke!  Shane did scrounge enough money to take me out for dinner while he had friends come and create the “last name Ritz”.  He created a great sign that they hung up, a bottle of wine chilling, and a breakfast menu.  Yes, Shane is a great cook.  A messy cook– but it's worth the mess.  The year Shane was laid off, he did the same thing only this time, he included Princess– Bubba was only a year old.  This time they even moved our little TV downstairs so we could watch a movie (a special treat when we're in a hotel). 


We have decided to put this idea with a twist to work for vacation.    We have mapped out some places we were planning to visit over the next few months.  The farthest we are planning to travel is about 2 1/2 hours away.  The plan is to start Friday night by going to Santa Cali-Gon days in Independence.  It's the biggest town fair in the area, started in celebration of the Westward trails. 

We have free tickets to the Zoo, that we will use on Saturday.  (the KC zoo is pretty stinky, but hey it's free and the children love any zoo).

Then Sunday after visiting at a local church–we're on vacation right?  We will go to the WW I Liberty Memorial and an exhibit at Crown Center — if we have time. 

Monday  we will get up early and go to St. Joseph to see the Pony Express museum and then we'll go to Jamesport Tuesday morning, a good sized Amish community.  

We may stay in another hotel Tuesday night to catch the Amtrak Wednesday morning in Independenceto Jefferson City, our state capital.  We'll have a few hours there and then we'll ride the train back to Independence and drive home.  We could catch the train closer to home, but from Independence, we'll be able to ride by all the familiar places on the way to Jeff City. 


Shane will still have enough time to take 5 more days off later in the year, so we may be able to try for St. Louis/Hannibal in October or November.  We may also take a couple of days and rent a cabin at a state park and go camping.  Everything is up in the air right now– but it'll be so worth it when Dorcas gets to come home. 


So that's it– a local vacation in a nutshell. 

The good part, this vacation will probably cost around the same amount as our hotel room would have cost for the week away from home. 




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  1. .. to go to the zoo.. but i think it is not possible yet until we get settled and all. i love you christine! thanks for your prayers! i have not checked my bloglines for a while but started doing it today even if my internet sucks..hehe do you need help with your theme? let me know, just email me and let me know what you wanted to do.. i have change my blog template 4 or 5 times and i think i have some kind of idea of what to do. hugs, melanie =)


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