My Fingers are Flying!

I just read a blog entry that I've got to talk about.  Mrs. L at WingsasEagles linked to this article from Eagle Forum.   And it has my mind going a hundred different directions.  I am livid!


This paragraph especially got my dander up.


The Ninth Circuit went even further, marking the school door as the line where parents' rights end and the “village” takes over. In Fields v. Palmdale School District last November, the court ruled that parents' fundamental right to control the upbringing of their children “does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door,” and that a public school has the right to provide its students with “whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise.”


This says that if you send your child to public school (according to the 9th circuit court) the leftist, commie, wackos have every right YOU should have to teach them.  Including their doctrine, and their religion.  And that you should have NONE! That totally negates the problem the parent had with their child being shown an R rated movie during classtime without parental permission last week.  That allows students to be taught that abortion is not only okay, but basically allows the government parent to take their “daugther” for an abortion!!!!!!!!! 


Folks, I'm sorry if you don't agree, but keeping your children home is not only a good idea, it is sinful if you send them away so they can have their heads filled with this garbage!!!!  Christian schools are better, but many of them still have issues. 


The only way to truly know what your child is learning is to be with them and teach them at HOME!!!! 


I am terrified.  Yes, God is Sovereign.  Yes, He has the entire world in His hands.  Yes, He is using homeschoolers to call believers to Himself.  But when I stop and think about the things our government is doing to our children, our families, and our freedoms that people like Shane's Grandpa (and others who actually died to save our freedom) I am frightened.   


The government has taken control like a frog in a pot gets boiled.  Yes, we are enjoying freedom right now, but at what cost.  Never again will all babies have a chance at life.  Never again will homosexuality be thought of as a sin to the majority of our country.  Never again will God be taught in government schools.  Never again will we have a society where the church actually takes care of those who can't take care of themselves.  The government has become the church. 


People do not want to work, they do not want to raise their “kids” they want places to live and food on their table just because they “deserve it”  As a society, we expect the government to take care of us. (Even homeschoolers what something from the government if they can get it– computers, supplies, etc.)  Don't you remember your parents saying “nothing in life is free” or  ” you can't get something for nothing”  We are giving our freedoms for $.  Folks, we're on our way to becoming a socialist society and maybe even a communist society.  I may lose what little readership I had with that statement, but I'm tired of dancing around the signs. 


The word of God says nothing is new under the sun.  We can look at history and see great nations of the past that fell!!  The United States is not beyond this– we are walking down that path.  Personally, I think it will come from within. 


We have met the enemy and it is us. 


6 thoughts on “My Fingers are Flying!

  1. and just from reading your post I get mad with you. Man, some things like that just don’t make sense…, the gov’t does a great job so let them teach our kids???? I just hope that this mentality doesn’t come over this way to Taiwan. We have enough problems and they really want to be like America…….sad really really sad.


  2. You have not lost my readship. I could have written the same thing. I am finding myself drawing the line on more and more things, ostracising myself in little ways from my friends that are getting more and more liberal and clueless. I totally disagree with any homeschooler taking anything from the government, not Head Start, not Parents as Teachers, not free computers, not free evaluations, not signing up for sports at government schools, not joining in with the public school for standardized testing. Stick with the separate groups to get the same things. Do without a free computer – why do you deserve a free computer anyway? I do not want Big Brother dictating to me what I can and can’t have or do with my children in the future and these things are just letting them get their foot in the door.


  3. You have lost my "readership" either. This nonsense has been gradually escalating. When I was in high school (public and hated it) I was introduced to the word "abortion". There was a trial going on that I heard about on the radio. I asked my mom about it and she told me that it was because the doctor, in essence, killed a baby. "Don't worry," she said, "it will never be legal."!!! So everyone sat back and watched. Guess what?…………….
    When I first heard about a new girl being "queer" (notice it wasn't "gay") I had to ask what it meant. I was really 'grossed out'. Again, "Don't worry, there are so few and they're ostracized". So we all sat back and watched. Now here we are 35+ years later (ouch) and it is all common practice.
    I have tried to find the way to help. Pulled my children from public school, got into politics etc… For me it wasn't the spot. I was but a" voice in the wilderness".
    Now we homeschool, pray, write some letters and try to talk to people that don't understand the freedoms we're losing. No, I don't canvass neighborhoods (what homeschooler has time for that?) but try to have a ready answer to folks in the checkout line when they ask why we homeschool.
    One of the best times of the year is coming up for 'ready answers'. Halloween and Christmas!
    The most powerful 2 things I do though are pray and read the Word. "Coming boldly before the Throne of Grace…." always works to calm me and reading in the Word about the end times—- God knew this would happen! That doesn't give me permission to sit and let it simply because speaking up is a way to share what the Word says. We have to be appalled, disgusted, righteous indignation but we need to know Who is in control.
    Now, all that said, tag, you're it!
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  4. Sorry my computer is having fits this morning. It should read, “You haveN’T lost my readership”. I even tried to edit it and then it lost my name…..
    Perhaps “Someone” is trying to tell me I’ve spent enough time online!
    Have a blessed day training His treasures for His Kingdom


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