I’ve been tagged — twice!

Humpty and Mommydebmaine both tagged me. 



1) One homeschooling book you have enjoyed.


Teaching the Trivium

2) One resource you wouldn't be without.

The Bible

3)  One resource you wish you had never bought.

 Probably the group of  Literature and Science and History “textbooks”  I purchased secondhand in the early years.  I'd rather the children do hands on stuff and read the entire work, not just excerpts. 

4) One resource you enjoyed last year.

The 7 C's of History from Answers in Genesis

5) One resource you will be using next year.

Handbook of Nature Study along with the Magiscope

6) One resource you would like to buy.

 The new curriculumn that Answers in Genesis has that we're not ready for yet.  I always get ahead of myself because I want to learn this stuff too.

7) One resource you wish existed.

Something that would tell me I'm doing a good job even when I don't feel like I am. 


And a math Cir. that Princess could actually “get” with a reasonable pricetag.

8) One homeschooling catalog you enjoy reading.

Just one????  Good things for your Family and Veritas Press

9)   One homeschooling website you use regularly.

When we get back into full swing it will be Ambleside Online, and the websites needed to print of the books we want to use with that.

10)How many days under your belt this year?

We “officially” started school last week, slowly working our way into it.  Then we'll be on vacation next week– that doesn't mean no school, just means no book learning.  The week after, I hope to get into the full extent of schoolwork and my MOTH schedule.



11) How is it going? 
 We have changed gears for now on math again.  Bubba just isn't getting Ray's (I need to go buy Horizon's 2 workbooks) Hannah needs some drill work, she's forgotten how to do simple division– never again will we take the summer off of Math. 

Just received the Calculaddar masterpak to help bring her up to speed.  Then we'll start Ray's later. 


Everything else is going splendidly (is that a word?) 

12)  Tag 5 people…


I won't tag 5, because many of those I would tag have already been tagged with this, but I would like to see my friend Proverbsmom answer these questions.  If you read this and haven't been tagged then consider yourself so and answer away. 


 This tag is very informative for those still considering their options.