Dorcas Update

We continue to wait for Dorcas's passport along with several others. 

We did receive an email from her foster family last night and was told that she now weighs in at a hefty 10 lbs 5oz.  yippee!!!!!!  She is also wearing some 3-6 month clothing and continues to thrive. 

Nancy promised more pictures soon. 

We had a beautiful crib given to us, and someone else gave us a complete “pooh” set of bedding and a little matching lamp.  I NEVER would have spent the money but cannot wait to put the crib together–it will be so cute.  Someone else loaned us a little bassinet.  (She'll sleep with us most of the time in the early months, but for naps and such it'll come in handy)  We also received a box of clothes for the boys and Dorcas from Little Bits foster family in NJ.  (they have an 18 mo. old granddaughter).  And assorted clothing from others.  Another Snuggli and a johnnyjump up.  And little precious girly shoes.  This is so fun already and Dorcas isn't even home yet


I think I'll have to change her outfits about once an hour and take pictures– with autumn coming I'm not sure she'll get to wear all these cute little summer outfits we have. 


We have also received approx. $1000 in donations to help with the expenses. 



2 thoughts on “Dorcas Update

  1. we had the same thing happen to us! A family down the street from us gave us a brand new crib with all of the bedding. It had never been used! And, to boot, they are not even believers. We hope this opens many doors for us to tell them about Jesus.
    Yipee! It is so good to hear that Dorcas is doing so well. I can’t wait to tell Uncle Eric! ~Auntie Heather


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