One Nation Under God not many nations under many gods

I was just reading  Margaret's blog over at cappuccinosmom's blog about a new book she recommended on the relationship between blacks and whites in our countries history. 


It got me thinking about the whole Mexico/African American etc. thing.  My blog title is actually something that I wrote in my comment on  Margaret's blog.  These days we are not just American's — we are “Mexican American” “African American” “Polish American”  okay, maybe not– but I recently got an email that talked about protestors taking down an American flag and replacing it with a Mexican flag.  We've heard talk for decades about “Black Power” and “Black Pride” 


What about American power and American pride? 


Personally, I am embarrassed by these people that spout off their foolishness in the public arena.  And imo, they have divided the colors more than almost any other think in our history. 


As I have discussed in past entries, I have a great concern about our countries future.  When we forget that we are a part of this country and try to seperate ourselves from it for “color” or “religion”   we cause more strife and seperation.  If we are ________ -Americans and not just americans we cease being one nation.  If we worship whichever God we choose to worship instead of the one Almightly God that created us we cease to become “One Nation Under God”

We become

“One Nation Under Many God's”


And we just can't survive as a nation that way. 

This country was founded on unity in God.  We became the Melting Pot.  Now we have people trying to seperate from that melting pot.  It just can't be. 

We must be One Nation Under God to survive as a country. 


These are the words of Jesus


“Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand”


Abraham Lincoln quoted this verse in his acceptance speech when he was running for the Presidency in 1858. 

My friends–

A country divided cannot stand.  We must unite if we are to survive.  And, it's Biblical. 


One thought on “One Nation Under God not many nations under many gods

  1. I remember being required to take a minority history class in college (which was a complete joke where little ole asian me was a complete minority, especially since I didn’t have a chip on my shoulder…yet…). Anyhow, the professor kept going on and on and on about how it’s not a melting pot, but a salad bowl. No one wants to fit in or blend together, they want to keep their own separate identities. And you are absolutely right, that is NOT united…we may not be one nation for long if we continue down this path.



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