I’m Still Here

It has been a while.  But I have not fallen off the face of the earth.   


We did our mini- Kansas City day trip vacation last weekend and it was so much fun!  I have lots of pictures, but no time to upload them right now.  Saturday we visited the only WWI memorial in the country– the Liberty Memorial.  It was very educational.  Amazingly, there is a lot of scripture and they don't try to hide it like some national monuments and places of interest we have visited have done.  Sunday, we visited a new church and went to the movies and saw “Cars.”  Yes, we are well behind the times.  But it was at the cheap theater and all 5 of us and  popcorn and a drink was only  $20.  Can't beat that.  Monday we traveled up to St. Joesph where the Pony Express was begun.  Stopped on the way to get a cappachino and heard about Steve Irwin's death– very sad.  After watching some of the shows they aired AP I am all but convinced that he was not a believer.  Of course the one show we saw where Buddist monks blessed his new baby was a couple of years old, so it is possible…  I pray God's mercy on his soul. 


We went to the Pony Express museum and to another museum called the Patee House on Monday.  Another educational day.  Spent the night swam in the pool and went to Jamesport Tuesday.  The local Amish community.  (yet more education– we are just plain old boring people huh?)  Stocked up on flour, oatmeal, spices, raisins etc., etc.  etc. for way less expensive than the local health food store.   Also got 2 of the 3 children new mud boots for the same price as Wally world, but a lot nicer boot.  Shane got a pair of winter mud boots and a straw hat.  Had wonderful conversations with a several different people at the stores and ate at a wonderful Mennonite restaurant in town– great homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cinnamon rolls without all the work.  Tuesday afternoon, we drove back to Independence, and spent the night in another Comfort Suite (one of the only reasonably priced hotels, with HSLDA discount, that will sleep 6).  Swam again– the children love to swim at the hotel.  Got up early Wednesday morning and rode the Amtrak to Jefferson City (the state capitol) for the day.  Things were pretty quiet, but it was a nice day, we were able to walk to the capitol.  Had great food at a greek pizza place.  The children put away a large pizza and Shane and I got wonderful tasting Gyros.  Got back on the train about 6 and got home late Wednesday evening. 


No new word on when Shane might travel to bring Dorcas home.  Did get an email from foster mom.  She weighs over 10 lbs. now.  Yippeeee!  Just bought some cloth diapers and wraps on ebay tonight.   We are absolutely totally ready for this precious baby to be home now.   Keep reminding myself that she's getting stronger for the trip home. 


Trying to play catch up on my bloglines.  I left town and EVERYONE blogged, and I mean EVERYONE.  People that had not blogged in weeks, some even months blogged in those 3 days! 


Have a wonderful, blessed weekend with those you love.





3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. That is my idea of a great vacation–getting to see lots of stuff, and not having to travel too far to see it.

    It is great to hear the updates on Dorcas.



  2. Wow, sounds like an amazingly fun (and educational) trip! How exciting about Dorcas!!!

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do as well…along with laundry, dishes, groceries…



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