A little update on several loose ends

It just dawned on me that many of you may be wondering where things are in the many things going on in our life.  So here is a little update on where we are:



1.  Dorcas.  Still waiting for the passport.  Emailed AOH about something else and asked what the plan might be once the passports were signed.  Patty is hoping they will start signing on Thursday.  Donna is hoping that those with special needs (including Dorcas and a couple others) and those that have waited the longest will be first to travel. 


2.  Infant baptism.  Shane is studying this.  Reading the books that Melissa at TwaddleMeNot recommended.   He has shared with me some of the points. He has said that he has a better understanding of it than he ever has. And it has been very interesting.  There are some valid points.  Still studying … praying for wisdom and truth.   (If we land on the infant baptism, how in the world do we explain this to our children whom we  have taught from the beginning that they must come to an age of understanding in order to be baptised?) Not to mention the tailspin it would inevitably send Shane’s family into when they find out–


3.  Church.  We are feeling that our departure from the current congregation is nearer.  Princess is settled with it–once we explained that God is growing us in a different direction than the church, she came around.  We are hoping the door can stay open.  And are trying to decide whether we can leave before Dorcas comes home.   We have been meeting with another couple of families on Wednesday nights for fellowship and study for 3 or 4 weeks.  Tomorrow evening the men are going to decide how they want to proceed.  What to study,etc.  We have been visiting different congregations about once a month or so on Sunday mornings.  Recently discovered that Jim Eliff is a pastor at a KC church.  (had no idea the church he pastors was in KC)  It is on the total opposite side of the metro than where we are, but we want to visit regardless.  They actually meet late Sunday afternoon, so we wouldn’t have to leave the house before sunrise to go to church.   




The sermon at two of the churches that we have visited the last couple of months has been on the 13th Psalm.  Suffering.  We have known all of these things were coming, but didn’t know when they’d come.  Now we have all of them at the same time.  We are taking great comfort in God’s Sovereignty.  He knew this was all coming; we are trusting Him to handle it.  


Please pray that I will be the supportive wife that I need to be to Shane during this time.  In addition to not knowing when he’s leaving the country, church issues, dealing with his family on several levels, he is also dealing with a difficult co-worker–one that need to learn the tough love principle.




3 thoughts on “A little update on several loose ends

  1. I so understand your dilemmas on this subject. I was raised by Baptist parents in a Presbyterian church- we rolled our eyes when people baptised their infants. But I also remember having such respect for our Presbyterian pastor who immersed me in our pool when I was 12.

    Two things (unrelated):

    1. We have a clinically retarded little girl in our congregation who will probably never be able to make a cognizant profession of faith. If you were to ask her, “Do you believe in Jesus?”, she would doubtlessly say, “Yes.” Do we keep this child from the sacrament of baptism because she can never voice her faith in a way in which *we* deem appropriate? Who are we to make that assertation?

    Furthermore, I watched plenty of people in our old Baptist church make a profession of faith and then be baptised, only to walk away. Why do we extend baptism to them but not to the retarded child who is in a home of believing parents? Because they professed faith coherently and she can’t? Hmmmm…

    My point is this: baptism is GOD’S sacrament, not ours. Baptists will tell us that it is presumptuous to baptise infants as if they were already professing believers. Is it not similarly presumptuous to baptise those who we in our mortal “wisdom” decide are believers?

    2. And then we had to tell my parents we were going to baptise ALL the kids… God covered this in grace for us and they have received it well, even if they don’t agree. They don’t, however, really understand paedo-baptism. Most baptists don’t. Most (formally me included) assume it’s a pronouncement of belief.

    If Shane leads your family there, pray that God will give his relatives the grace to hear your reasons, if not accept them.



  2. I’m glad you and Shane are at least researching this matter. It shows your ability to grow and a true desire to do the will of God. I think wherever you land is okay. It’s not really a question of “which is right?”, but more a question of “Is either one wrong?”. As far as what to tell the kids…. The truth. What did you tell them when you changed to Reform Theology? If you choose the infant Baptism route, I’d tell them that God has revealed to you that you had been mislead or that you misunderstood and that you have a new and better understanding of his words. This will show/teach them that mere mortals are capable of being wrong (and repenting)…After all, who can repent or learn anything if they always think that they know everything and that they are right!. Pride comes before the fall; and then God picks you up and dusts you off. It will also teach them to the truth comes from GOD’s word, and not always a pulpit.

    Also, I don’t know if you ever read my comment on your original post on this matter (Aug 3), but to repeat myself a bit… Baptism isn’t about salvation, and it was performed in the O/T as well in the N/T. It’s an act that was done several times a year throughout one’s life. Aside from that, if the new believers in the NT “had their entire households baptized”, wouldn’t this include the children? Just a point to ponder. May God bless your learning and always reveal new truths to you.


  3. Christine, Sounds so familiar to the road we traveled in the recent past. It all started when we began to question everything. Hence the reason why we are now paedo baptist, paedo communion, homeschooling, adopting, head-covering, patriarchal, and whatever ‘strange to the world’ thing you can think of….okay, so we haven’t gone the whole raw foods route, but you get what I mean. We must always be reforming and becoming more like Christ. Even if you do not land positively on the paedo baptism I am grateful that you are studying it. Happy studying. ~Heather


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