Dorcas’s Song — Welcome Home

They were housecleaning at the radio station today.  Sometimes ministries send giveaways, books or music (they don't realize Bott doesn't play music).  Most of it gets given away to listeners, but sometimes there are leftovers.  Then they'll clear it out and send it home with the employees.  Today Shane came home with a CD called “Lullabies: Close Your Eyes”  The first song on the CD is titled “Welcome Home”  It is beautiful.   I am in tears.  This a song for every adoptive parent.  (Okay, maybe every parent, but as adoptive parents waiting for our precious daughter from the other side of the world…you get it, right? ) 

 On top of the lyrics, the music is beautiful too. 


Welcome Home


O little traveler, seems we've waited for so long,
O little traveler, come and rest here in my arms,
So much of life ahead, we will keep you safe and warm;
O little traveler, welcome home.

You're on a journey, only God knows where you'll go;
He'll weave the tapestry and with our help He'll sew
The story He has planned so very long ago;
O little traveler, welcome home.

Welcome home, welcome home, my child, where you belong;
And wherever you go along life's road,
May you know that you're never alone;
Precious child, welcome home.

These cherished moments will hold tight when you have grown,
Teach you to find your wings, for soon you will have flown;
We'll love with open arms, hoping you will always know
We'll be here waiting, welcome home.

We are all travelers, each with a race to run;
We'll stay together, but when all is said and done
We pray the way we live will lead you to the One
Who can truly say, “Welcome home. Precious child, welcome home.”

Copyright 1999, Discovery House Music/ASCAP
Words and music by Marcia Minton, Steve Millikan, and Sharon Gentry


2 thoughts on “Dorcas’s Song — Welcome Home

  1. I didn’t even hear the song, but just reading it made me weep. I will definitely look for that one!!
    Thanks for sharing it!


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