Getting in the Swing of Things

We've been easing our way back into school for the last 3 weeks or so.  I have my MOTH schedule on the wall in the kitchen so I can glance at where we're all supposed to be– ha, ha!  We haven't gotten in down, it needs some tweaking, but we are getting there.  Today has by far been our most accomplished school day yet.  Most importantly, we have done family devotionals and individual Bible reading both days so far this week. Yippee!!!   I often get into the school routine and forget that Bible is the most important thing they can be doing. 


We also don't stick to schoolwork regardless of what is happening.  If the weather is absolutely beautiful, we go outside, or  I send the children outside. 


Here is what we're trying to accomplish:



English (rod and staff–finishing last year's book, then we'll decide what to do)

Copywork for girls

Calculaddar (for now, that's all we're focusing on, will add Ray's or other cir. later). 

Story of Invention





Horizons Math

Copywork for boys

Cursive writing–handwriting without tears

reading: McGuffy's


Little Bit:

reading “learn to read in 100 easy lessons”

math — simple single digit addition right now

speech cards and homework



morning and evening family devos daily

individual worship time 4 minutes per year old so little bit does 20 minutes, Bubba 24 and Princess 36. (at least 3x's a week) includes reading, singing, memorization.

Selected Literature, Science and History works from Ambleside Online

Lambs Shakespeare for Children

Mystery of History

From Sea to Shining Sea

Answers  in Genesis science — beginnings

Resume English from the Roots Up and greek lessons with Shane 1-2 evenings a week. 

Tom Sawyer– family reading in the evening.


Princess got a sewing kit for her birthday in June and she's been busy sewing all sorts of little things.  The boys have recently become interested too and are learning as well.