Finally– Vacation Pics

Go over to our family blog and check out the pictures from vacation.  Yes, I maintain it too.  One of these days Princess is going to take over– as soon as she's done with her typing book. Getting very close — Yippee!!!!   The family blog allows us to post pictures and funny stories for the Grandparents and other people that don't know how truly weird we are. 


This blog I save for writing stuff I'm thinking through, thoughts I have that the above mentioned peoples may not understand etc… . 


One thought on “Finally– Vacation Pics

  1. congrats! how wonderful. i’m proud of your daughter.
    it took me a while to find the chickens but finally found them. thanks for telling me what mine were. they’re so cool to watch.
    thanks for dropping by my blog. hope to see you around again soon.
    IN HIM


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