What a Week

We have had a wonderful week.  School has gone smoothly and we've gotten a lot accomplished.  We're implementing the family vision and the reward board I am getting up between 6:30 and 6:45.  This gives me time to walk, have a little quiet time and check emails and read a few blogs before the children get out of bed at 8.  (rethinking this too, considering getting them up at 7:30 for quiet time until 8:00). 


We went to a homeschool 4-h meeting this morning.  It's a little drive, but so worth it.  The people were all friendly and the children were well behaved. It was an informational meeting so our questions were welcomed.   We had tried local group a couple of years ago, and were unimpressed, it was boring, and seemed very unorganized, and the people weren't very friendly.  My friend went to the same club meeting the other night the other night and thought the same thing, but in addition, one of the families had “two mommies”  No thank you!  She figured out a way to somewhat tackfully excuse herself and out she went.  They met us at the meeting today.  And they were pleased too.  Now we just have to pick out projects for Princess.  The boys will both be in Cloverkids so they don't get to pick projects yet. 


A couple of funnies:


This morning I'm putting on my makeup.  Bubba comes in and sneezes

I say “God bless you” 

He says “Oh mom He has, sooo much”


After the 4-H meeting today we went to the park.  While we were there the boys decided they needed to go potty.  My friends husband works a 4 day week, so he was there and offered to take them.  They were out of order, so we decided to let them go “looking for tadpoles in the creek” (only about 6 inches deep)  They didn't get what he was telling them so a few minutes later Little Bit comes and tells me he can't wait.  He proceeds to tell us all grown up like how to go potty in the creek. 

“I walk over there”

“pull down my pants”

“pull out my p—-“

“and go potty” 

By then, there were other people over there so we found a huge rock to hide behind instead.


About a month after we brought Little Bit home, we went to a church conference in Tulsa.  We had a thingy that attached two umbrella strollers and Shane was wheeling the boys around. We had them dressed alike in red shirts.   As he is leaving a building, this lady tells her freind “hold on a minute, I need to hold the door for these twins.”   Almost 3 years later, we still get a laugh out of that– the only thing that looked alike that day was their red shirts.  lol!


We got a couple of new pictures of Dorcas last night.  She is looking so beautiful and healthy.  Getting anxious for that phone call.  Can hardly wait to hold her and love on her myself.