Some Wonderful News

No, we didn't get the call– Gotcha


For about 3 weeks, Princess has had a battle going on inside of her. She has actually been blatently rebellious at times (not her usual character).  She is our easy child– thank the Lord!


She has been wrestling with her sinfulness.  Shane has talked to her a few times, I have talked to her a few times during these weeks. Thursday night, we thought we were going to get to be early; only to have Princess ask if she could talk to both of us. She asked more questions; the same questions and different questions. We were up about 2 hours with her.  Shane left if that when she was ready, she could let him know. 


Friday night we had a situation with one if the children,  I vented privately on a blog entry, but since have been thankful I didn't post it, even to my friends.  Saturday, I did something I have never done before– I was still pretty upset, so I left Shane at home all day and went to the thrift stores.  We worked all of it out last night, but this morning something little triggered it all again.  I was ready to stay home from church and we actually did not get to go to the church we had planned on earlier in the week.  (On a side note, we were not impressed with where we were this morning)  But apparently Pastor's sermon confirmed for Princess what she had decided Saturday night. 


We were sitting at Popeye's chicken eating lunch, discussing  the service, when Princess quietly says “I liked the sermon”  we kept visiting with each other and a few minutes later she said “Dad, I'm ready” 


We called friends and family.  Today at 4:00ish Princess was baptized.  We also had a little communion service so she could take her first communion too.  It was very touching.  The only downside was Grandpa and Grandma were in Branson, and some other good friends she wanted there were in the Ozarks.  Better them be gone than Daddy though. 




4 thoughts on “Some Wonderful News

  1. .. would definitely love that.. let’s continue to keep in touch on what’s going on.. i love this song your playing here.. how perfect timing, my husband send me verse by verse of this song when we were still in the philippines and finally sang to me, it brought tears to my eyes. love your new pics.. the internet here in my in laws really sucks.. sometimes i have typed a whole lot then.. gone.. waaa.. so i need to type again, anyway some of the pictures must be in big size and it didnt show up, anyhow.. looks like things are doing great here.. love to you and the family.. melanie =)


  2. Would you believe, that we went and bought a disposable camera, since we weren’t anywhere near home, so I could capture the big moment,only to forget to wind it after the “before” picture, so I missed it. But we have the “before” and “after” shots. Those silly film camera’s.


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