An Amazing Prayer Request — seperating the mess

As I'm typing, we got a call from Shane's dad.  Way back in January, we thought we had a precious baby boy to adopt that seemingly fell into our lap while I was in TN taking care of my Dad after his by-pass surgery.  The lady that told us about baby J had called and the 13 year old birthmother is now ready to relinquish rights– are we still interested?  After talking to our friend, we have found out that there are now 4 babies in the home, 2 which were born after baby J in December. The Grandmother is taking care of all these babies while the mothers are at school.  Needless to say this family is a mess, even more than what I've shared.  We met baby J, in January–held him and prayed over him.  Even the children have prayed for baby J at bedtime on many occasions.  Then birthfamily stopped taking our calls. 


Shane will call our social worker tomorrow morning and let her know about the situation.   Shane's best friend and wife are homestudy ready and are interested in this bundle.  If birthfamily is insistent that WE adopt baby J, we will find a way– if birthmother actually goes through with it.  It would be like raising twins as him and Dorcas aren't more than just a few days, if any, apart.  (Can't remember his birthday).   This would explain so many questions we've had about why our homestudy had to be ready in Jan.– if our friends get to adopt him.  If we hadn't been a part of the process then, we wouldn't likely be a part of the process now.  We shall see