Seperating the mess Bubba’s Birthday

Today is Bubba's 7th birthday.  He has been looking at the calendar almost every day for 2 weeks.  He is growing into quite the young man, still rough around the edges, but with great potential to be a wonderful servant in God's kingdom. 

We haven't planned his party since we didn't know when Shane would be leaving, so we had a quiet little dinner, French Toast Strada with Apple Cider Syrup, and he opened the cards he had received and a gift from my Mom, his Gram.  Shane picked up an Oreo Bundt cake too.  Surprisingly it was unanimous– all 3 of the children liked this better than having everyone out.  It really was a nice relaxing evening together. A few weeks ago, we had mentioned toning down birthdays to the children and received cries of “We don't like that's”  Since we got to actually experience, they saw how nice it was.  We are considering a once a quarter party and our friends can bring gifts for others–like the local home for unwed mothers.  God is so good– they are on board with Shane's idea now.