A Plane Ticket in Faith

Whew!  Shane has been on the phone for 2 days with the travel agency and with Donna at Acres of Hope trying to figure out what to do.  The passports are so close that we have heard of a few people that had even purchased tickets.  As we speak, Shane is taking the plunge.  Donna said that if it were her she would go ahead and buy her ticket.  There is a fee to change it, but at this point what's $125 more dollars.  Shane will put the check in the mail tomorrow and fax a copy of it, once they receive the fax, the flight is his–it is on hold until then. Please pray that the passport will be ready so he can take this flight.  We have put several things on hold the last several weeks while we were waiting — Bubba's birthday party for one.  Also, we have a tradition of going to the local 1800's village for their “fall festival” which is the weekend Shane and Tabitha returns; if he ends up flying out on the 7th instead of the 30th, he will miss all the fun.  As it stand now, we can go Sunday afternoon with Tabitha.   Yippee!!! My heart is soaring just thinking that this might really happen and Tabitha could be home before long. 


They actually found a better flight today.  He will come from New York to St. Louis instead of NY to Cleveland, to Dallas to Kansas City. 

If this works, he will actually fly into St. Louis at 7 pm on the 7th.  Melanie– how about a date that afternoon before Shane's flight comes in?   


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    Praising the Lord for His goodness! The details will all fall into place…they always do!



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