Baby J Update

Shane got an email yesterday afternoon from the social worker.  It seems that baby J's birthfamily is willing to consider other families.  She knows about our friends that are ready to adopt, but will probably consider several families.  She wants to take things slower this time and get to know the family before placing.  It seems that she is serious about placing him this time.  So glad for that precious baby boy. 


If we had not been willing to update our homestudy in January that baby may not be working with our Christian adoption agency right now.  It was worth every minute of wondering why and every extra $ we had to spend for that update, so baby J will be raised in a Christ- centered home.  Please keep praying for him and his birthfamily.  Grandma is taking care of him, another baby that's about a year older and 2 more that have been born to her daughters.  Then there is another of her daughters pregnant.   That's 3 babies under one year old that Grandma is caring for while the Moms go to school, with the 4 one on the way.  What a sad legacy Grandma (and probably further back than that) is leaving for her children.