It’s too quiet here

No dogs barking, running around playing.  Ben, our chocolate lab, is lost without a playmate.  Even at 9 years old, Mocha still had enough play left in him for a feisty 2 year old lab.  But he was getting old and cranky, and afraid of storms and we think he was going blind too. 


We tied him up outside by his dog house Monday evening.  Yesterday he barked at us all day.  Sure is quiet around here. 


This morning, we took Mocha to the vet.  He has always loved going to the vet, until they start to do something to him.  This morning was no different.  They ended up having to muzzle him and it took 2 girls to hold him down while the vet gave him the shot.  Then he went to sleep.  Then we cried. 


We buried him in the back field under a cedar tree. 







One thought on “It’s too quiet here

  1. We found ourselves in the vet’s office last summer where our beloved Golden Retriever ‘went to sleep’. Heartwrenching, truly!


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