Something I Don’t Understand

I was reading my bloglines just now and ran across nsremom's thoughts on this article about “grinding.”  Apparently the newest dance craze.  It does not surprise me that something this vulgar is the newest fad, or that the students are upset that they are being told how to, or how not to dance. 

What surprises me is this parent's comment:


Tom and Cathy Cooper said they feel teenagers today are acting no different than they themselves did decades ago. Tom Cooper said he feels an obligation to remember what his parents said about the way he danced in high school.

“If you remember Elvis Presley – there's a grinder,” Cooper said.


And this parent's comment:


Other parents, including Pete Duval, said they don't object to the dance style, because it doesn't lead to further touching. Once the music stops, they said, so does the grinding.

“The look is extremely sexual, but the intent is not,” Duval said.


Forgive me for being blunt— but these parents just plain stupid?!?!  (And they think homeschooling parents are niave!!! HA!!!)


First of all, Elvis grinded by himself, not with his privates parked in someones daughter's rear.  (doesn't make it right, just different) And the jitterbug involved very little connecting body parts. 


And if the 2nd guy really thinks that the guy that's doin this to his daughter doesn't have sex on his mind, then he must have some of his own issues.  Maybe not right there, right then on the dance floor, but later in the car, or in Mr. Duval's home, or the next week in the hallway at school.  These Dad's need to get their head out of  the sand.  A virgin teen is a rarity these days.  And this kind of “dancing” cannot be innocent. 


Honestly, I don't understand these father's that don't want to protect their daughters.  In the past, there was a family we went to church with whose daughter dressed provacatively.  He said he wanted his daughters to be moral, and to know the Lord, but in she'd walk into church in front of him with her rear end nearly hanging out of her skirt.  It was like he was oblivious to it.  We went to this girls graduation picnic a couple of years ago.  She was wearing a very short, very thin white, backless sundress. 


She is now pregnant and unmarried.  And he is a homeschooling Dad and a deacon in a local church. 


Parents, love your children enough to change directions.  It's OK tell your children not to do something that you did as a young person.  It's OK for your children to dress modestly even when you didn't when you were their age.  Confess your sin to your children.  Explain that you didn't know better then, but by God's grace you do now.  Explain that you don't want them to go through the heartache that you went through when you made bad choices in your earlier days.  Will this be easy?  NO! But God never said parenting would be.  I don't want my sins to be my legacy, do you?


5 thoughts on “Something I Don’t Understand

  1. AMEN!

    And we mustn’t forget that there might be many “technical” virgins (the thought of which is ridiculous!) out there…but sexual promiscuity and SIN comes in many forms!


  2. You are right in that immodest dress leads to immodest actions and sinful behavior. Many parents have bought into the media hype that this parent relayed. They truly don’t see the danger or the connection even after it is too late. They don’t see it because the politically correct view doesn’t allow them to. The media says anything goes. The media says all choices are equal…nothing is bad just different…Alternative lifestyles.

    But according to studies, there are quite a few more teenage virgins than the media would like you to know. It’s a lie that most teens are promiscuous. It’s a lie when the boys tell the girls “Everyone is doing it” and it’s lie when the media tells us “They are going to do it anyway so we should just encourage them to do it as safely as possible.”.



  3. I so agree. I want better for our kids. I do not want them to make the mistakes we made. I think part of the problem is that some parents want their kids to be accepted any cost. They don’t want thier kids to be different but I think as Christians we are called to be set apart. We are to model Christ and I just don’t see Christ participating in the “grind” dance.


  4. things like that just make me wonder what IF anything goes through the parents heads. Maybe they are afraid of being the “uncool” parent? I don’t know. But I wonder. A neighbor friend of min in the USA once said how her daughter was doing the blonde hair with black dyed ends and wearing all black, she didn’t like it, but it was a battle she didn’t want to make. You know the pick and choose your battles. Is it that some parents are afraid of unhappy kids? I don’t know, my parents were always blunt with us and we were raised VERY VERY conservative.
    Anyway, you are not alone in your thoughts.


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