Maybe It’s Just Me

I am on the AdoptingfromLiberia yahoo group.  On my digest today, a lady asked about an organization that I have never seen before that works in Liberia. Angels Haven Outreach.   I checked out their website and was shocked at what they wrote in their description about the country.


Maybe it's just me, but I thought it sounded like they were making Liberia out to sound like a “mini-America” 


“it is truly a mix of African-American culture”  HUH?  I haven't been there and I know enough to know that it is nothing like AA culture!!! 

*No electricity until recently, and only in Monrovia,

*thousands of children living in orphanges because one or both of their parents died in the war, or because the parents can't take care of them. 

*many of those children seeing sights they never should see because of the war

*poor health care faclities

*little safe drinking water

*no,or few, opportunities for employment


Oh, maybe they were referring to Inner City African American culture!   Of course, how stupid of me to miss that.   But we have our wonderful party of opression and lies to thank for that mess. Not a 15 year war.   Those Dems sure are taking care of our inner cities aren't they?  (A soapbox for another day– check out Marsha's recent entry if you want something to get your blood going about that.)


The adoption process only takes a “couple of months” that's true– but then because of the budget crunch they have no passports so you must wait another (in some cases 6 months or more) to get your child home.  I'm not frustrated with Liberia, it seems that they are doing the best they can with what they have.  But I am appalled that this organization would be so misleading. 


Oh, and according to this place, the children their are culturally deprived because they've never seen a TV!!!!!!!!  Oh, I wish more children in America were culturally deprived in that manner!!!! UGGGGGGHHHH!!!!


Only in the very last paragraph do they mention the poverty, poor diet, and malnourishment– weaved in among the cultural deprivation of no TV! 



One thought on “Maybe It’s Just Me

  1. I haven’t been to Liberia since 1980, but America really HAD influenced their culture. Seriously. It’s hard to understand, but after being in Sierra Leone (which borders Liberia), Liberia DID have american tones to it.

    I truly wish I could go back (my heart is still there), and pray your husband enjoys the trip.


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