Pins and Needles

**BTW, no word yet on the passport.  Hoping to hear something today– definately before Friday so Shane can be on that plane Saturday morning.  Everything on this end has been worked out…. Shane even has a window seat for every flight–something he has been praying for. 


Please PRAY that we will get that phone call from Donna. 


Christmas packages are coming out to sell and this is an extremely busy time of year for work, (politcal season too)  so Shane really needs to go now and get back to work.  We're hoping for a good end of the year bonus to help pay for this adoption.  But if he's gone for a week, he can't be selling that week. 


2 thoughts on “Pins and Needles

  1. Yall are in my prayers. Just remember, God will provide and arrange everything for us. We adopted two children and for awhile it really seemed like we were not going to be able to pay for the adoption. Up to the last few weeks before the actual adoption we had no idea how we would do it. God had a plan and was teaching us patience though. In the end he provided more than enough and the adoption went through marvously! I am sure God has a plan for yall as well.


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