2 More Reasons to Homeschool through Highschool and Maybe Beyone

Something I don't understand.  Raising up your child at home.  Only to send him off to the “world” in high school.  We have a community nearby where that seems to happen quite often.  I wondered why their weren't that many high school students at the homeschool functions– now I know.  Their argument; it's a good school.  Hah!!! 

Do they teach that God created the universe in 6 days? 

Do they teach God-honoring literature? 

Do they teach Godly values? 

Do they love your child as much as you do? 

Let me guess– NO!  To all of the above.


Then let me offer that if they're not teaching these things, then it's not a “good school” 


Parents, high school in definately not any safer for your child than grade school, or middle school.  Not even sure about college– I know what went on at my Chistian college only 12 years ago. 


I found a couple more articles Drudge Report today that make me sick.   Here's number 1.  And here's number 2.


2 thoughts on “2 More Reasons to Homeschool through Highschool and Maybe Beyone

  1. I know some moms in my area who think the critical time for children is the early years. I disagree. Kids need mom all the time but in the teen years it is essential. One of my good friends thought that her 15 y/o didn’t need her supervision and was safe to go “hang out” at his friend’s house when his mom wasn’t at home.

    Research now shows that a teenager’s brain is flooded with hormones and less capable of making good decisions. Food for thought!



  2. I couldn’t agree more. I was homeschooled in highschool, and I am so very thankful my parents decided to do so. Sending me into public school would have been like feeding me to the lions. If a parent is going to put all that effort into homeschooling in the early years, why not go all the way?

    Great post–the links left me speachless. I’m glad I live a fairly sheltered life safe at home with my little family.


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