The Latest on Liberia

We got word yesterday that there are 1000 — yes!  You read that right, 1000 passports in Liberia waiting to be signed.  With the exception of extreme medical emergencies, the word is that they are processing them in no particular order. 


The agency did say that they are going to do their best to get Tabitha's signed before Friday, so Shane can be on that plane Saturday morning.  We have until 3:00 Friday afternoon before we have to cancel the flight for him.  We are thinking that we'll just reschedule for sometime in November if he doesn't go Saturday.  Of course, that is right in the middle of his busiest time at the radio station.  Honestly, at this point, I'm wondering if she'll be home by Christmas. 


We keep hearing 2-3 weeks and have heard that several times.  We know this is not any one persons fault, but it is frustrating to keep hearing this.  We rushed the

I-600, we paid extra for the Visa and Passort to expidite them, we bought all these clothes that Tabitha will never wear. And here we sit. 


I think I'm ready to change my mind about this being the easiest adoption so far. 


But it'd take quite alot more to top Little Bit's adoption. 



One thought on “The Latest on Liberia

  1. That is a lot but surely God can push her passport towards the top of the stack? šŸ™‚

    *sigh* Waiting is SO HARD!!!



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