No Flight Today

Thank you all for the prayers. Shane is in the process of cancelling his flight and I am cancelling our room at the hotel by the airport for tonight. The Liberian government has been asked to expidite the passports of the children with special needs, but haven't done so at this point. 


Thankfully, we did not have to reschedule the ticket for a specific day, so conceiveably Shane will still be able to go within a few days of when we hear that it has been signed. We'll let you know.


We are truly at peace. We know God's timing is absolutely perfect. 


I even took a nap while the children rested today– usually unthinkable for me in a situation like this. 

Maybe that was the miracle



One thought on “No Flight Today

  1. I’m so sorry that this wasn’t the time for Tabitha…but I am praising God you have peace and are resting in His perfect time! She WILL be home soon!


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