Meet Sherman

We were all lonely after having to put our beloved Mocha dog to sleep last week.  I had been purusing petfinder and craigslist since then thinking that we really wouldn't do anything until Shane got back with Dorcas.  But this little cutie needed a home and we couldn't resist.  He is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff.  He weighs about 8-10 lbs and is about 14 inches tall.   


Poor doggie was one of about 12 dogs this lady had and he was the smallest.  The largest she had was either a bulldog or Choco lab she had at least one of each.  She said they named him “Paper Sack” because they had so many dogs they couldn't come up with anything else.  Poor puppy, he's too cute to be a plain, bland paper sack.  We tried Snickers, but it didn't fit.  Shane liked “Toasted Marshmellow” but there wasn't a way to shorten it.  Then we came up with Sherman.  He looks kind of like Sugar and Cinnamon so we took Su( from Sugar) and Mon (cinnamon).  He seems to like Sherman too. 


This little baby was literally dumped in my lap when the lady said we couldn't get out of the car because at least one of her dogs was a biter.  He was as nervous as could be but he seemed to like us– he was holding on to me for what seemed like dear life. He did the same to Shane when he held him.   He accepted the children well and seemed to thrive on their petting.  He certainly needed to be saved. 


He does seem to have some issues, but we brough him home Tuesday night.  The first night we brought him home he barked at Ben and Ben good agressive dog that he is, tucked his tail and ran.  (Ben is our chocolate lab).  This weekend he has made significant progress.  Now he lets Ben check him out, sometimes giving a little growl.  We can say hush and he stops.  I imagine a few more days and they'll be best buds.  Isn't he a cutie? 


6 thoughts on “Meet Sherman

  1. Yes, he is certainly a cutie… and looks very huggable and loveable! Hope this helps to fill the void of the dog that you lost.


  2. is my Princess. And she needed a new home when we adopted her too ๐Ÿ™‚ And we have been greatly blessed by her presence in our lives.


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