A New Missouri Law

The newest MO seatbelt restraint law is below.  Now, before you think I am not for safety, let me assure you I am all for my children and other children being safe.  Nothing infuriates me more than seeing a baby or toddler wallowing all over a car with no seatbelt, or even worse not in a carseat.  But this law is getting to the point of ridiculous.  Almost as ridiculous as the U.S. government telling us what kind of toilet we can have in our bathroom in our own home. 


This has been a discussion on the FHE (Families for Home Education)  yahoo list resently.  One family has already been ticketed because her daughter was 9, but didn't meet the 80 pounds requirement. 


My question– How did that officer know that the girl didn't meet the weight requirement?  Are MO police officers now carrying scales and a measuring tape?  Will our children be subject to removal from the car to be weighed and measured like a drunk?  “No need to walk a straight line, sweetheart, just stand against this tree and let me make sure you're 4'9″ nope only 4'8″ gotta write your Momma a ticket”


Does anybody else see the absurdity in this? 


Apparently, that police officer didn't have a full understanding of the law.  Here was the next post on the Yahoo group. 


I just got off the phone with my local police department. The law states that you have to have a child UNDER the age of 8 in a booster or car seat of some sort. UNLESS they are 80lbs or 4ft9. I verified that my son who is 8 and NOT 80lbs and only 4ft6 does NOT need a booster. They said they get tons of calls about it so they leave a copy of the law right beside the phone.

He did say the person that got a ticket for her 9 year old should contest it because it was a bad ticket.


So now we have a law that is so absurd that even the police officers don't understand it. 


There was even a something in  the original post about CFS being able to remove your child from your car if they saw that your child wasn't properly restrained.  Now hear this…



(my CFS soapbox will have to wait for another day– gotta get started with the day.   We have 4-H and then lunch with our friends in the city and have to be out of the house in about a hour and 20 minutes). 



Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed Senate Bill 872 into Law on 
Wednesday, June 28, 2006 
CHILD PASSENGER RESTRAINT LAW – This act modifies the law with 
respect how motorist must restrain children in motor vehicles. 
This act modifies the law with respect to the use of child 
passenger safety restraint systems and booster seats. The act 
requires children of certain ages, weights and heights to be 
restrained by either a child passenger restraint system, booster 
seat or safety belt. 
1. LESS THAN 4 YEARS OLD – This act requires children less than 
four years old, regardless of weight, to use an appropriate child 
passenger restraint system. 
2. LESS THAN 40 POUNDS – The act requires children weighing less 
than 40 pounds, regardless of age, to be secured in a child 
passenger restraint system appropriate for the child. 
3. LESS THAN 8 YEARS OLD/80 POUNDS OR UNDER 4'9″ – Children (ages  4-7) and who weigh at least 40 pounds but less than 80 pounds, and 
are less than 4'9″ tall must be secured in a child passenger 
restraint system or booster seat appropriate for that child. 
4. GREATER THAN 80 POUNDS OR TALLER THAN 4'9″ – Children who are at  least 80 pounds or children taller than 4'9″ shall be secured by a 
vehicle safety belt or booster seat appropriate for that child. 
The act allows a child to be transported in back seat without a 
booster seat if the child is secured with a lap belt if the vehicle 
is not equipped with combination lap and shoulder belt for booster 
seat installation. 
The act also provides that when transporting children in the 
immediate family when there are more children than there are 
seating positions in the enclosed area of a motor vehicle, the 
children who are not able to be restrained by a child safety 
restraint device appropriate for the child shall sit in the area 
behind the front seat of the motor vehicle unless the motor vehicle 
is designed only for a front seat area. The driver transporting 
children under this scenario shall not be in violation of the child 
seat restriction law. 
A violation of the child passenger restraint/booster provisions is 
an infraction and the fine is $50 plus court costs. The fine for 
violating the safety belt provision of the act is $10. Charges for 
violating the child passenger restraint and booster seat provisions 
shall be dismissed or withdrawn if the driver provides evidence 
that he or she acquired a child passenger restraint system or 
booster seat prior to or at his or her hearing. The act does not 
apply to public carriers for hire or to students four years of age 
or older who are passengers on a school bus designed for carrying 
eleven passengers or more and which is manufactured or equipped 
pursuant to Missouri Minimum Standards for School Buses (Sections 
307.178 and 307.182). 
The act provides that if there are more persons than there are seat 
belts in the enclosed area of a motor vehicle, then the passengers 
who are unable to wear seat belts shall sit in the area behind the 
front seat unless the vehicle is designed only for a front-seated 
area. This provision does not apply to passengers who are 
accompanying an intermediate driver’s license holder. Under current 
law, all passengers accompanying a intermediate driver's license 
holder must be properly restrained. (Subsection 7 of Section 
307.178). The act provides that the $10 fine for failing to wear a 
seat belt shall apply to “persons” rather than just 
“drivers” (section 307.178.5). 
The child seat provisions of the act are substantially similar to 
HB 1165 (2006), SS/SCS/HCS/HB 518 (2005), SCS/SB 221 et al (2005), 
SB 710 (2004), SB 9 (2003), SB 647 (2002) and SB 549 (2001).