The Story Is…

Dorcas is on the list of the next in line for her passport.  Not holding our breath here as there's something about having to get more passportbooklets to the office itself.  From my understanding this does not mean they are out of booklets again!  Only sounds like they only hand out so many to the passport office and that they're waiting for the powers that be to hand them out. 


We feel so helpless.


Bubba will not be happy if we have to reschedule his birthday party for next weekend– his birthday was in Sept. and we've been waiting… to do it.  Shane is also scheduled to preach again on the 15th. 


We'll see what happens, but we're not holding our breath.




One thought on “The Story Is…

  1. After waiting five more months then we were suppose to for the kids we completely understand the changing of plans constantly, hoping for the call to come in. Looking into the future to figure out what will work and what won’t. But, all said and done….we both know you will drop everything with no qualms to go get Dorcas. And, then the wait will seem like it never happened. Still praying!


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