The Neighbors

For several months we have been wondering about our neighbors.  This is the neighbor that threatened to shoot our sweet choco lab a few months ago.  We wondered then if there wasn't something more going on.  None of it seemed to add up that day or since then– for heaven's sake, Ben is afraid of our new little 6 pound ball of fluff.  How could he ever bark in a threatening way at a 10 year old girl that is as big as he is?


None of us have seen the wife's car or her for about 2 months or longer.  We've seen him mowing and taking care of the animals.  But no wife, and no daughter. 


The past few times we've seen him, he's waved really big at us.  We continued to wonder…


Yesterday about 20 cars in the driveway and a big birthday party sign.  It was their daughter's birthday.  The wife's car was in the yard along with all the guests. 

This morning we were told by a reliable source that she has filed for divorce and served him yesterday at the party.  (wasn't that nice?)  This source also said that he'd probably be open to mending fences with us as he is very devestated and is even going to church now.


They have a fine, huge house, a four wheeler with a mowing attachment (those of you with lots of land know how convenient that would be).  A big Morton type building and a large 5th wheel camper.  And all sorts of other “stuff”

But they had not love….

I'll take my single story house, my falling down barn/shed our 4 beautiful children and my wonderful loving, sweet hubby any day over the stuff. 


I guess we'll go bake those cookies now. 


2 thoughts on “The Neighbors

  1. I just stopped by to check in on you and on things with Dorcus. I HATE waiting LOL, like you dont!!
    I agree, stuff does not make a happy home. The grass is not always greenier is it.


  2. That’s sad about your neighbor. What a day to serve the papers, too. May God use this as an opportunity for reconciliation between him and your family, and between him and God.
    BTW, I fixed my RSS feed. Thanks for letting me know!
    Blessings ~ Diane


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