Some Random Thoughts and Some Books I’ve Been Reading

Yesterday, I posted the link to the story about Madonna adopting a baby boy from a country that basically doesn't allow adoptions from those outside the country.  As I thought about it, I decided that maybe I should expound on that a little.  My beef is that there are all sorts of children in so many countries that can be adopted without breaking the rules, that I have to wonder… of course even us stupid, out of touch homeschoolers know Madonna loves to break the rules! 


I never thought we'd adopt internationally.  There are so many children in this country that need good homes.  However, the problem is that many of these children have been damaged beyond repair by the social services division of their state. It is also hard as nails to adopt a child in state custody without believing all the garbage and jumping through their hoops.  The wait for Dorcas's passport is hard, very hard.  Mainly because there is no way to help these passports get signed.  No Senator, or Representative, call or write.  But even with that, it is better than fighting the corruption of the local DFS office.    (Shane is reading Mary Pride's “The Child Abuse Industry” right now–old copy but VERY relevant to today–I”m sure he'll be posting about it before long.)


Shane has been telling me about the laws regarding hiring and firing practices.   For example, if you call a reference before hiring a new employee, the former employer cannot say anything derogatory about their former employer–even if it's true!  They are only allowed by law to answer if the person worked for you and if you would re-hire them.  What a bunch of hogwash!  So glad I'm not in the workforce these days. 


While we've been waiting to hear that Dorcas's passport has been signed, I've been doing some reading.  Several books I'd recommend.  (BTW, none of the 10 passports were signed as of Friday– wonder why it takes so long to get passport booklets from the bank to the passport office?)


Elizabeth Prentiss's “Stepping Heavenward”  is her autobiography.  Actually, her journal of her life from about 15 years old to her death many, many years later.  It really made me think. Always, even when I would consider her to have “arrived” and conquered some of her struggles, she didn't feel that she was worthy. And would continue to strive toward the goal.  Truly a woman that understood humility, and pride.  Made me realize I have so far to go on this journey toward Heaven.  I have even asked Princess to read it. 


“Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffith is a compelling book about a white man in the 1960's that became black for 6 weeks and travelled the south then wrote of his findings.  I read this about 13 years ago in college, and it is still just as amazing.  Mr. Griffith took medication that changed the pigment of his skin, and then used stain to darken himself even more.  He also shaved his hair during that time.  I pray that our country has come far, far away from what this man, and blacks during that time went through because of the color of their skin.  His tales are horrible, something no man should have to face, no matter the color of his skin.   There is some language, but I highly recommend it for anyone interested in how people were really treated only a few short years ago. 


“Even Now” by Karen Kingsbury.  Ya gotta have a little fluff every now and then.  Mrs. Kingsbury is one of my favorite fictional authors.  Her books aren't the mushy, gushy Harlequin type.  But seem to always have a lesson to be learned.  This is the story of two families torn apart by their children's bad choices, a baby born out of wedlock and lost years between them all.  I couldn't put it down.  And even now, a couple of weeks later, I'm still thinking how about how tragic it is when things like this happen in real life. 


I have started reading Thomas A'Kempis's book “The Imitation of Christ” as part of my daily devotional time.  This book is written in small chapters and is filled with scripture.  Even one chapter a day gives me more than enough to chew on for a while.  I must admit, I have gotten out of the habit of sitting down daily for time with my Lord, but I've been feeling his gentle call back and have rearranged my morning schedule so I can commit to doing a better job.  It was so easy to spend a good amount of time communing with the Father before there were children to distract me. 


I've also been working on memorizing Proverbs 31.  Amazing for me, to say the least, because until the last few years, I really didn't like her–in fact, I could say that I loathed her.  I felt like she was an unattainable goal and I didn't even want to try to be like her, because I knew I would fail.  Now, that I have studied more about where the passage comes from, I have come to realize that a goal is just that– something to strive for.  I will never succeed at all the things listed in that passage.  I wll never be the “perfect” wife and mother.  In fact, I fail miserably!  But I have decided to give it my best try and do what I can.  I have found that she now gives my job as a keeper at home a list of job duties of sorts.