Bubba’s Birthday Party– Knights and Maidens

For reasons beyond our control, we have been unable to have Bubba's birthday party until this past Saturday.  Unfortunately, several of the families we invited had other plans, but we had a good time regardless.  Shane's parents and children and one other family with 4 children came.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful.  It rained the day before and the day after.  We were very thankful for God's blessings. 


Back in the summer we went to a “tacos on the table” dinner.  Bubba LOVED it!  He said “Dad, that's what I want to do for my birthday!!!”   Shane thought a knights and maidens theme would be appropriate to go with eating with our hands. And that's what we did. 


Here's what you do.  You fry taco meat, chop olives, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.  Put the sour cream in a squeeze bottle (we forgot to do this and it is very, very messy).  Get cheapy, throw away tablecloths to cover the tables then dump a little of everything in different piles and taco shells on the table, then sit down and dig in. 

I also went to Sams and got a big can of nacho cheese and chips.  This I left in the crock pot and we did serve that on plates.  The cheesesauce would have been messier than the sour cream.  For dessert– pumpkin pie with cool whip.  (last year he wanted mock apple cobbler maid with zucchini– go figure.  I've got a weird boy). We ate this on plates with forks, mainly because it had gotten chilly and we went inside.





A few weeks ago, I went to the thrift store and bought all sorts of mugs, heavy stemware, etc. for drinking glasses.  (I think I spent about $5 for about 12 glasses).  This was the party favor.  We had 4 left– one for Dorcas when she's old enough.  All the children thought this was so cool!


Shane went to the U.S. Toy store nearby his office and purchased floral headveils for the girls. 

 The boys were a little more difficult.  He has been on the lookout for hubcaps for a couple of months, but had been unable to find them until Saturday morning.  He started calling junkyards.  Would you believe that some places wanted as much as $10 a peice–crazy or what?  It was worth the wait– he got 7 for $5 at a place about 20 miles down the road. 


You might be asking what he wanted with hubcaps–  Every knight needs a shield.


He drilled holes and attached cheap handles from the hardware store.  Painted them silver first to cover the scratches, then painted the cross on them. 

 Shane talked about 3 things every honorable knight and maiden needs and then asked the children questions related to those things.  Bible knowledge, Integrity (what you you do if…?) and endurance.  They had to do 25 jumping jacks run down the yard, around the hedge apple tree and back. 

After that, he presented the children with their headveils and shields. 

A great time was had by all. 




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  1. I popped in for a moment to see how things were progressing with little Tabitha. I will be praying for you guys. I can’t imagine how difficult the wait must be! Blessings to you guys:)


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