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This was posted on the Yahoo group by Donna yesterday


“appartantly what was going on in the system was a power struggle
between Legal Counsel and the Passport Director. They did not agree
on how to process the passports so this had been of great debate
over the last 6 weeks. It went ot the Legislation and then finally
President Ellen had to settle the issue before she left for America
recently. She turned over and gave full responsibility to the
passport director. So the passport books are now in their office
where they should be stating to issue them tomorrow. “


Yeah– maybe they'll start issuing them tomorrow, but since I'd like to live …

I'll not hold my breath.  Although Next week would be a pretty good week for Shane to travel though.  Since he really wants to celebrate Reformation day on October 31st. 




One thought on “Passports– More Info

  1. I remember when we were waiting to bring home our daughter from Guatemala. It seemed like it took forever. Right after we brought her home, one of the offices literally shut down for a few months. I felt so awful for all the parents who were waiting. You know, we may not physically birth our children, but the adoption process is a birthing process all it’s own. 🙂 Praying that your dh gets to travel soon to pick up Dorcas.

    BTW, I finally got to post a comment today. I don’t know what changed. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting too. I do read yours too, just haven’t been able to comment.



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