Assortments of Happenings

Last night we had two different families out for supper and games. Neither of them had been introduced before last night, but we thought they would enjoy each getting to know each other, and they did. 

I was so proud of my Princess.  I asked if she wanted to make placecards.  Not only did she make them, but she went above and beyond.  She hand picked a Scripture to describe each person.  The most amazing part was all but two (and there were 12 of us and she only had to search for 2 of them– the rest she knew by heart).  It was a great ice-breaker.  She gets double kudos   

We played Trivial Pursuit and the guys barely won. 


Bubba kept everyone laughing.  He always does.  Before he was 2, he decided to lock the back door while Daddy was out in the shed.  Not only did he lock it, but he also put the chain on the door.  He was small enough that he had to pull a chair over to do so.  And then he stood on the chair with fingers holding him over the small window waiting for Daddy to come back and discover his joke. 


Funny thing, I've never talked in my sleep that I know of.  Last night we were talking about sleeptalking and Shane said I talked in my sleep last night.  Must have been the Rigatones. 


This morning I did my twice monthly shopping.  As I was in the bathroom quietly getting ready to leave.  I heard Bubba shifting around and went to check on him.  I asked “Doin okay?”  He said “absolutely perfect” 


BTW, this little man that just turned 7 in Sept. has been wearing deodorant since June– believe me, if he misses a day, stiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. 


Little Bit is such a hard worker.  He goes to speech therapy every week (cleft-palate) and works so hard during his time with his therapist.  He has made such great progess.   Oh yea,  Thursday I was talking with his speech therapist about homeschooling.  I have mentioned it to her before but haven't gotten such a favorable response until now.  She would be a wonderful homeschool parent– I would love to see her take the plunge.   It seems that it had never dawned on her that she could possibly do some therapy from home with homeschoolers– what a needed service that would be. 


Today is the day Shane and a buddy are putting in our woodstove.  We have been excited about it once we realized that we could have wood heat this year for about the same price as propane (including purchasing the stove and installing) and then in future years, winter's heat would be really cheap.  We also like the fact that we don't need electricity to run it. 


It's a lazy rainy day.  Hopefully, they'll be done with the woodstove tonight so Shane can make “Daddy's Deli”.  In Knoxville, where I was raised, is a tradition I have found no other place we've lived.  It is a deli sandwich that is steamed.  Like Turkey and Swiss on dark with mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato–my personal favorite.   Ali Baba's on Kingston Pike has a killer Club sandwich that will make 2 meals!  You can also get a “Gyro” or a “Steak in a Sack” with an order of fried mushrooms or cheesestick.   The man that owns it is always there– doesn't matter if it's 11am or midnight.  He's there.  He always has the same greeting “what can I get for you Sweets?”  (only to the women).  I will admit, it's not the cleanest restaurant in town.  At least not out front although their machinery looks clean.  All of this to say that Shane is making “Daddy's Deli” tonight — complete with fried mushrooms.  Shane discovered how to do this in the microwave early in our marriage– he's such a good hubby!