I am absolutely amazed at what the Democrats get away with! I hope this doesn't make you sick but,  Steve Walden just posted about this book.  “Why Mommy is a Democrat”  is touted as an amazing work according to it's many testimonials–including the mayor of Columbus Ohio.  Steve is considering countering this book with “Why Daddy isn't a Democrat” — I say go for it!!!


My question is why do the Democrats need a book like this?  Every textbook in every government school expounds these “values” on every child from the tender preschool age to graduation and then in colleges too.  And not just secular colleges folks, many Christian colleges tout Democratic values from their classrooms. 


Furthermore, the author is not even a woman   it is a man living with his partner (surprisingly, a woman). 


One testimonial reads:


“A wonderful story to show my son what REAL moral values are” Erin White-Johnson, Bakersfield, CA 


So Ms. White-Johnson since when is killing babies is a moral value to be proud about holding?   Oh We won't tolerate war, we'll just kill innocent babies and now we'll even allow them to be created in a petri dish before we kill them. 


on the about the book page “With subtle and not so subtle swipes at the Bush administration”


Let me just ask you one thing?  If Steve were to write his opposing book and the left got a hold of it, how long do you think it would take until he was burned at the stake?


One thought on “Unbelievable!!!!!!

  1. Something like that just gets me so riled up! My husband had a discussion recently with a man (a Democrat) who is against the war, yet pro-choice. His defense when my husband asked him how he could believe in taking the lives of innocent children–“They don’t know what’s happening or what they are missing.” That kind of idealogy makes me so upset! And don’t even get me started on political double standards!

    Thanks for posting this. I’ll have to tell my husband about this one. He’ll appreciate it.


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