Is God Sovereign?

****First,  Donna called from AOH and said that they have been told passports will be signed either Thursday or Monday depending on who you talk to.  **** We'll see….


*****Second, this may be a controversial post for some, if you feel the need to disagree and leave comments, please do it respectfully****


There has been some interesting discussion going on at the AOH Yahoo group.  Basically, it's been an discussion between Arminianism and Reformed theology.  I haven't read but one or two of these posts, because I see the danger of a huge disagreement about this, and I'm trying to keep the stress level down in my life.


However, in a recent discussion with someone involved in this situation, the statement was made that if this person heard one more comment about this situation being in God's timing, said person was going to be sick.  This is how it was explained to me by this person.  All these passport delays are not God's will or God's timing, they are the intervening of Satan and man's sinfullness.   


Excuse me, but what this person and several others are basically saying is that God is not in control (i.e. not Sovereign), but sinful man is in control of this situation.   (Arminianism) BTW, I didn't respond to this, as what does one say–I sure didn't want to make this person sick?  And as I had said it earlier in the conversation, I didn't feel the need to repeat myself. 


However, I have several thoughts about this …


First, this is the difference.  This is, in part, why we're not frantically running around, rebooking airline tickets for the 5 or 6th time, ($125 each time) and this is why Shane did not travel a month ago when we were told that they would be signed “any day”(one lady did travel and is still there waiting).   This is also why I'm not being a nagging wife to Shane about this, why, we're not nagging the organization, and why our household is peaceful (except for the normal–“Mom, Little Bit sat on my glasses and now they're flat” moments). 


Our peace has been attributed to the fact that Dorcas is doing so well.  That is true, she is– but she was near death when we heard of her, and I still had this peace. When Bubba was in the NICU on a respirator when he was only a few days old, I wasn't frantic.  I was at peace because God was in control. 


Some of you may remember, we are newbies to reformed theology.  Although I would say that I have probably been more reformed than I realized–just didn't know there was a term for believing in God's sovereignty.  Our denomination does not discuss things like this.  I, personally, had never heard or understood these terms, Reformed or Arminianism, until about a year ago. 


If God is sovereign (and His word describes Him as such).  Then this is His timing, His plan and His sovereign will. We don't have to understand it, for it to be so. 


 I was reminded of the book of Job this morning as I was thinking about this.  God allowed Satan to tempt Job.  Satan could do nothing that God did not give His permission to happen.  When Job questioned– who did he direct his questions to?  It wasn't satan, it was God.  Because God was the one in control.  Even here, on this sinful earth– God is in control.  God's answer– who are you to question me? I am the Sovereign God of the universe and I have my reasons that you know nothing about. 


Proverbs 3 tells us “trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths”  it doesn't say “unless sinful man, intervenes with my plans”  it says he will direct our paths  no matter what the circumstance.  It is His plan, his timing.  And he is not surprised. 


You might say, well, Satan tempted Jesus with “all the kingdoms of the world” so they must be his to tempt with.  Let's remember Eve in the garden.  Satan is a liar— he led Eve to believe that she would not die if she ate of it, but that she would be like God.  (Would this be why the new age religion is so popular?) 


Here's the bottom line.  If God isn't in control, then we have no more reason to be at peace than the pagans.  Is this why there are believers running around acting like pagans?  Without peace, buying into the latest fads, biggest homes, newest cars, etc.  Because they don't believe in God's sovereignty?  After thinking about this, I think I understand why those early believers of Arminianism were thought to be heretics. 


Just a thought….








4 thoughts on “Is God Sovereign?

  1. I am waiting too. I am adopting from Haiti and the person that was supposed to have approved our dossier has been fired. I have not heard that there is a replacement in the office ~

    I think that as Christians we have let a subtle; albeit, important heresy slip into our doctrinal thinking. So often I hear Christians talk about God and Satan as if the two of them were equal foes set in some cosmic battle against good and evil. Satan is not equal to God. Satan was created by God. He is more like the opposite of Michael than the opposite of God.

    God is in control. His timing is perfect and if I didn’t believe that… I would have gone crazy by now. I accepted my referral on December 8. I was told at the time, I would be traveling in 4 to 6 months; then 9 to 12 months… and now? Who knows?


  2. I stayed out of the conversaion for the same reason. Thanks for posting your views on your blog. You are right on! What peace I do find in my Sovereign God who controls everything. ~Heather


  3. Hi Christine,

    As you know, I am not always crazy about some of the music at church. This one however I have grown to really like and it came to mind when reading your post.

    You are not a god
    Created by human hands
    You are not a god
    Dependant on any mortal man
    You are not a god
    In need of anything we can give
    By Your plan, that’s just the way it is

    You are God alone
    From before time began
    You were on Your throne
    Your are God alone
    And right now
    In the good times and bad
    You are on Your throne
    You are God alone

    You’re the only God
    Whose power none can contend
    You’re the only God
    Whose name and praise will never end
    You’re the only God
    Who’s worthy of everything we can give
    You are God
    And that’s just the way it is


    That’s what You are





  4. WOW! I came to check tonight specifically to see if your little girl was coming soon! I’m so happy things are looking so positive!

    I can never understand why anyone wants to believe in a God who is not in control. What is the purpose of that anyway? One person said he didn’t want to believe in God’s providence because he wanted to believe there was something he could do to ensure his child’s salvation. huh? He didn’t want to believe that maybe God had chosen some of his children and not others. I agree its a hard thing to swallow, but it still doesn’t make it something good for there to be something one can do save one’s child. I felt that if that were true then the reverse could also be true. Yikes. Yep, I’m just thankful He is Sovereign.


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