Dorcas’s Passport is signed!!!

Praise God!!!!


I can hardly believe I am sitting here typing these words, it has seeemed like this day would never come.  But I just got the call a few minutes ago that Dorcas's passport has been signed and Shane can travel.  He has a call in to the travel agency and hopefully will be on a plane this Saturday–although the man that works these tickets is out of town this week.  Shane just called, he has a flight there, but the flight out of Monrovia on the 4th is totally booked.  They are trying to find a way. 


Please pray for his safe travel there and home with Dorcas.  And also for my week here with the children. 


3 thoughts on “Dorcas’s Passport is signed!!!

  1. Rejoicing with you!!! Praying with you!!!

    BTW, I forgot to tell you that I finally sent that box of baby clothes for her; you should get it any day now. Since I took out the diapers and the summer clothes, there wasn’t much left! I hope she can use what I did send.

    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. Oh I am so very THRILLED for you all!!! Finally the time is here!!! We will keep praying and look forward to wonderful updates as Shane brings Dorcas home!!!

    Joyful and thankful,


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