Whew what a day!

Tried to call Shane this morning.  Ended up talking to him for about 5 minutes total– in 3 different calls.  Not worth it, so we emailed. It was good to hear his voice though.  I could even hear Dorcas in the background.  Will try again another day. 


Him and Dorcas are doing quite well. Here is what he had to say:

Well, this morning, she was a bit reluctant of me, but as long as I didn't try to hold her close, and would hold her on my knee (and Nancy was out of sight), she was fine. She laid down for her nap and when she woke up, I sat her on the couch, and fed her where I could make eye contact and touch her with one hand and hold the bottle with the other. We chattered and played, and while she still preferrs Nancy, or one of the other members of the {foster family}, she will now stay with me without fussing. Nancy said that she is doing much better than she thought she would. I am very excited. We will be going for our interview either tomorrow or Thursday.

Liberia is just like the pictures. Poor, Third world. The water we use here is from a well, but the pressure is very weak, but I am clean. There are shacks, huts, etc all around. The {foster family} live in a small compount area with razor wire round them. There are all kinds of interesting trees, animals and bugs. The people are very interesting. I have only met a few who are from Liberia, but they have been very nice. yes, they speak English, and yes, it is EXTREMELY hard to understand. We are suppossed to go to the beach one day and shopping on another.


When I talked to Shane, he said they were on the porch and he was watching a lizard of some sort.  He also said he was keeping a detailed journal and taking lots of pictures.  Can't wait for him to get home. 


Several weeks ago, we made arrangements for the children to spend the night with Shane's best friend (they've known each other since they were about 5 years old).  Tonight was the night they were going to spend the night. 

We went to leave this afternoon, and as I was backing out of the driveway, I thought it felt weird, got out to check and sure enough the tire was flatter than a pancake.  This is only the second flat we've had in the van and the first Shane was there to change.   After fiddling for some time I finally got the spare down, then, I couldn't get the tire off.    So I called my girlfriend, she came to help, but we still couldn't budge it.  I even called the Mazda dealership to see if we were missing something.  He said hit the tire gently.  We still didn't get it.   So my friend drove us into town to take the children to our other friends house.   Then we went by her house to get her husband and he not only got the tire off but found the leak and plugged it too.  A man's idea of “hit gently” must be different than a woman's, because he got the tire right off.  Thank God for great friends!  I'm sure Shane will be so thankful when he hears of our friends help. 


Please pray for some other friends.  They are having horrible marriage problems.  I won't say much, but he has left her with their 4 children and this isn't the first time.  They came over tonight, along with other mutual friends to give her support.  The problems are very deep and very serious.  Please remember them. 




2 thoughts on “Whew what a day!

  1. Praying for the interview on Thursday– and for continued bonding for Shane and Dorcas. I am SO excited for y’all!!!

    And yes, it is a blessing to have such wonderful friends that you can count on.

    Hope you have a very blessed day!


    PS I will be praying for your other friends and their children. It breaks my heart to see families broken up, usually by selfishness of some sort.


  2. I continue to pray for and think of you and your family during this exciting time. I enjoy the updates so much! Looking forward to the next one:)


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