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Below are some excerpts from Shane's evening email. 



It is hot here. HOt hOT HOT HOT. Electricity get shut down from 3:30 to 6:30, so we don't even get a fan during that time. There is the office room that has a small air conditioner. It doesn't do much more than take the burn out of the air. It is also very sticky. You sweat just walking to get a glass of water. You can tell the children I saw a spider today about as big as my hand, legs and all. I tried to get a picture and couldn't. 


 I did try some fried plantain. I will make some when I get home. .. I will warn you Tabitha's normal breathing sounds like Isaac with asthma, so you have to get over being alarmed by that. Also, we were going to start her on some cereal. Nancy has given her a little in the past, but the city is out of rice cereal. So, you might have some on hand when I get home. I think that will help her gain weight better and sleep through the night. She is the easiest child to put to bed. You just lay her down and she rolls over and goes to sleep. Finally an easy one to sleep. Well, I should let you go. I am tired and will be up at least once in the night.


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  1. *gasp* Does this mean that she’s on her way home?!?! I’ve been off line for a few days and have just checked my friends list. REALLY??? :~) I’m thrilled for you! I know that you have been frustrated with a long wait and dashed hopes/expectations several times. I’m absolutely thrilled for you and for her!

    Blessings – Lisa


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