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For some reason, Shane had his interview at the Embassy today.  For another reason, I was prompted to pray this morning when I woke (about 11:30am their time) that he would have this appt. today and that it would go well and that he would be kept safe.  He said we are Dorcas's new parents.  There was some concern that I wasn't aware of her twisted arm because I did not mention it specifically in the letter I wrote, but fortunately, I had the presence of mind to write a letter that said “any unknown medical conditions”  the man did approved us and congratulated Shane.  There is one more piece of paper that needs to be given them by AOH, it will be taken today.  This man made Shane sweat, and Shane does NOT sweat about things like this. I am crying tears of joy!!

 He says:

“Let everyone know that for all intents and purposes (until I am on the plane, nothing is certain), everything is done and a little ahead of schedule. Love you all, congrats Mom.” 


Please join me in praying that this will be certain and he will be on that plane Sunday afternoon.  He did say that the car ride was interesting to say the least.  


He also said

Well, T slept in the same room as me last night, woke up twice and did famously. 



Monday isn't far off and the rest of our week is full.  We watched the cleanfims version of “Luther” last night in honor of Reformation Day.  Planning to have a Reformation day celebration, but without Shane …. we may do it the Sunday evening after he gets back. 


We are all looking forward to them being home






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  1. I know it is so scary having your husband away. It is nice that he is able to keep in touch with you. We are still praying for you and can’t wait until the two of them arrive home safely.
    God Bless,


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