Where do they find these idiots?!?

Look at this Headline from Drudge

 “There has never been an American army as violent and murderous as the one in Iraq” 


Let me put it in language he might understand!!! 


this is war— people die in wars!  How



do you think America got it's freedom? 



And how do you think America is going



to keep it's freedom in light of sinful



men murdering thousands? 


Oh, whoops, maybe this is what happens when there are no moral absolutes.  Of course that means “no moral absolutes” unless your idea of no moral absolutes happens to get in the way of my idea of no moral absolutes.  Then my idea of no moral absolutes is more important and you should get out of my way because I'm me and I'm God's gift to the world important.  Give me a break!


Yes! Innocent people die in wars.  But to fight terrorism is an ugly battle.   What happened to the mantra after 9/11???  “We Will Never Forget”.  Seems people have forgotten that thousands of innocents at work that day died at the hands of men that believed killing people in the name of their religion is noble. 


How  is it, that people like this, and those in favor of killing unborn babies can liken Christians to terrorists (I don't believe Rosie was the first).  I most certainly have never nor would never tie bombs around myself to kill innocent people. I know, I know… it goes back to the garden.  Sin entered the world.   The farther we get from the fall the more sinful this world becomes. 


So many people walking around looking for the forest, but can't find it because of all the trees…how sad.