Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

Since we came back from the “Behind the Scenes tour” last summer, I have subscribed to AIG's museum blog on bloglines and now google reader.  It has been wonderful to see what they've been doing since July. 


Today, they blogged about Shane's favorite exhibit.  When he gets back, he'll know what they are planning to put in the 3 windows.  This was a very small part of the museum, but very powerful. 


If you haven't made plans to go when the open, I encourage you to do so.  Better yet, become a charter member.  You can make a monthly payment and then you get lifetime passes for you and guests anytime you want to go.  You will also get some sort of gift.  If I remember right.  Their current offer is a beatiful print of what they have figured to be what Noah's ark looked like.  Mmmmmm…maybe we should have waited…

We have done this and added the children as well, so when they grow up they can continue to go and take their children and friends as well.  It is a worthwhile investment.  Go check it out and prayerfully consider it. 


One thought on “Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

  1. Gasp! No way! Most people I talk to have this confounded look on their faces whenever I mention “Creation Museum”… but YOU… why, you actually KNOW about it! I’m so excited. A membership to their museum has been on my Christmas list for two years, three if we include this upcoming Christmas. In fact, I just blogged about the dreaded Christmas lists, and included a link to the Creation Museum. Your family is so cool! We are TOTALLY going in the spring. I DO hope they can open when they hope to.

    Many blessings,

    PS… maybe I’ll see you there sometime. Heh heh. ^_^


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