Beach Trip

Shane and Dorcas went to the beach yesterday and played in the sand. He did say the beach was beautiful.  Everyone continues to be amazed at how well Dorcas is doing with Shane.  Even the foster family says she seems to be more relaxed.  God is definately answering pray that she would adjust well to Shane  Sure hope she does so well for the rest of us.   For some reason, he didn't get the email I sent yesterday morning, so he didn't hear from me at all yesterday.  I went to his hotmail acct. last night and made sure the one I sent then made it to him. 


I am holding down the fort at home.  Although I am ready for him and Dorcas to be home.  I am making it day by day.  Through our married life we haven't been apart very often.  Usually, I'm in Tennessee visiting family and Shane can't go.  Like when my Dad had his surgery in January.  He has taken 2 trips for work ever and that's it, before now a total of maybe 6 days.  We've never been in a situation where we could not talk at least each night and when I'm in TN with the technology of cell phones we could talk just like he was home.  I never thought I'd be one of “those” wives that couldn't seem to live without her husband.  Of course that was another lifetime ago.  But seriously I always thought I was strong enough to continue on.  And deep down I know if I had to God would give me strength.  I pray that I never have to. 


Did I tell you about the notecards he made for our mornings and the cd he made for us at night.  He is such a thoughtful husband and father.  He made index cards with notes of encouragement for each one of us, for each day (through Saturday, as he originally thought he'd be coming home on a Saturday).  And then the cd tells us how much he misses us and how he's sure he's having a great time getting to know Dorcas and seeing all sorts of interesting things that he will be able to tell her as she grows up about her homeland and of course how much he misses us.  He made seperate ones for me so we could have our bedtime prayer together.  I'm tellin ya— I don't deserve him.  I am so blessed to have him.  Can't wait to him (and Dorcas) home.   Sure is lonely around here. I miss him.


We do have a busy day.  4-h this morning and lunch with friends afterwards.  Then maybe we'll go bowling.  We're also going to camp out in our room or the living room tonight– haven't exactly decided yet– probably our room.  I' ve got to call the doctor and make an appt. for Dorcas for later next week.  (we have an incredible doctor)  Tomorrow we have friends coming for lunch.  Then the day may get rather long.   Sunday–church then another long afternoon.  Of course, I'll be checking the flights so we can track Shane and Dorcas's homecoming starting Sunday afternoon U.S. time.  Monday– Lord willing, we'll get in the car and drive to St. Louis.  Probably leaving early enough to stop for a late lunch and find the airport.  Then pick up our dear ones and drive home. 


Going back to bed now. 


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  1. Just wanted to remind you that we are praying for ALL of you and can’t wait until you all can be reunited!


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