Refreshed — A Little Phone Call

Yesterday, we went our 4-H meeting  Last Friday, we left Shane's car at our good friend's house in the city, so we could get up to the hotel room and settled in early.  Our friends that live right down the road also go to the same 4-H meeting.  So Tami was able to help me get his car home yesterday, so he'll have it IF he goes to work Tuesday morning. 


Tami wanted to see Debbie's house.  They live in a beautiful 100+ year old home with ornate woodwork and high ceilings, claw foot tubs, and a cool little attic room.  (One of my dream homes would be their house on 20 acres in the country).  It is beautiful.

So in we went for the tour. 

I left my cell phone in the car.

When we got back, there was a missed call and a message. 


I'll give ya 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count…

Yes, it was Shane! 

God is so very good!  He knew I needed to hear my dear hubby's voice live. 

We had not talked since that first day when 5 minutes was such a chore. 

Yesterday, I was running on empty.  I was near tears several times, things were not going as well with the children.  Although we were still all doing extremely well considering the circumstances.  I had planned on trying to call foster family's phone on the way home, but wasn't sure I'd actually get to talk to him.  And I most certainly didn't expect to have a message from him. 

Of course, I shed a few tears as I was searching for the foster family's phone number, because the entire number he left wasn't on the message. 


We were able to talk about 30 minutes or so.  I had to call him back once, but that was because Little Bit accidentally hung up as he was passing the phone back up to me.  All of the children spoke to him and we got to chat– almost like I normally do many times when we are on our way home from Debbie's.  I feel refreshed!  I can make this next leg of the journey. 


He said Dorcas's nickname was “Precious”  and that her middle name has to be Joy, not Faith.  She is such a happy baby.  He said the easiest yet to put to sleep.  She starts getting grumpy, and stretches.  You lay her down, she rolls over and goes to sleep.  Yippee!! Finally one that will go to sleep easily. 


They haven't gone to the market yet.  He said he would get pushy today if need be.  He thinks they've forgotten.  But, we really want things for Precious to have when she grows up, not to mention, some african outfits for us and a drum for the boys. 


After that call, I was refreshed.  I can make it to Monday.  I am going to try to call again today, but since it's Saturday, not sure we'll connect though.  Him and Kellie actually decided to share her phone, instead of spending more money.  Because Kellie will need to stay a few extra days– everything is fine, but please pray for her family.  There are some interesting turn of events that I'm not at liberty to share. Not to mention that it's not my “event” to share.  But, I'm sure she will after she gets home. 


I made Precious's  Dtrs. appointment for next Thursday afternoon at 3:00 after Lit Bit's speech therapy.  I'm sure that it will be the first of many.  Also need to get an appointment to have her eyes checked, they think she may have trouble seeing at far distances. 


BTW, for those of you that want cheap minutes to Liberia.  Tracphone international is 25cents a minute with NO hidden fees.  They also have a $5 bonus, or $10 bonus if you “sign up now”  Sure beats the other place I had found that cost about $5 for less than 5 minutes!