On Their Way and Love Expressed

Shane and Dorcas should be on their way home.  Unless there were unforseen circumstances, their flight should be getting in the air about now  in Monrovia.  I have the Brussels Air arrival page as my homepage, so I can check the status of the flight.  And I've gone to American and asked for voice notification when the flight departs brussels and arrives in Chicago.  I pray that Dorcas does well.  Hopefully, she'll sleep–it is now 2 hours past her bedtime. 


The children have done so beautifully.  I am proud to be their Momma!  We've only had normal little problems–no meltdowns the entire week, by children or Momma!  In fact, for those of you that know of our Reward Board and point chart, (shane has blogged about it)  we are going to have enough points for 3 envelopes this week!!! I did give daddy points for encouragement each day because of the little notes he wrote to us.  We also had company one night (we get hospitality points) and we went visited some friends too (not so many hospitality points for this).  3 envelopes is the most we can get!  Have I told you how proud of my children I am?


Last week at church one of the ladies asked what we needed.  I told her we really didn't “need” anything, but something I wanted was an ERGO.  She said she'd take care of it.  Today, she handed me a “for your baby” card with enough money to order the ERGO and a little left over for the “Dorcas fund” signed by several of the ladies.   Guess what I did first thing when we got home– ordered the camel color with the prints.  Just in case God has another little surprise in our future, I figured a nuteral color would be best.    The deacon in charge of finances also handed me an evelope which contained a check for $500.00 from the church.  Amazing and much appreciated.  The preacher's wife and a couple others want to give us a shower as well. They are willing to wait a couple of months so, even though we don't really need anything–they say it's a baby and we need to have a shower.  I suggested a homecoming party of sorts in a few weeks, and we could invite all of our friends from the metro to the church building to meet Precious.  Jenn thought that was a great idea.  She also asked about when the flight arrives tomorrow and wanted to get a group of people together to go to the airport.  But decided St. Louis was a little far.  She's got something up her sleeve though because she wants me to run by their house on our way out in the morning. 


We went out to eat, Mexican, one of the families from church was there and picked up our tab.  I left the waiter a $10 tip.  We were blessed, so I thought we should bless him. 


One thing I can say about our church family is that the love well! 


Also, the fellow in charge of scheduling, wants Shane to email asap.  Preacher's going to be out of town again in a couple of weeks and he wants Shane to fill in again. 


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