We are Home

Just got in.  We are tired.  Precious is just that and very, very tiny.  But very, very beautiful.  Shane looks good to me.  He is looking forward to a nice hot shower, and his own bed. 


He is planning on spending part of the day at work.  Pray that Precious will do well with us here at home. 


She loves to be sung to.  The children sang some on the way home when she was fussy. 


More later…


5 thoughts on “We are Home

  1. Praise our awesome, mighty God!!!! I’m so excited for you and your family. I will continue to pray for all of you as you go through this transition time. Oh, I’m just thrilled for you!


  2. I started praying for her when I first heard of her. The first answer came when you started the process to adopt her. Now she is home! I will continue to pray that she bonds with the family, and that the transition goes well.

    Thanks for your prayers for me, too.


  3. and congratulations to the family! I am so thankful that everyone is back together and safe. We pray for a smooth transition and abundant health recovery for Dorcas!!


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