What a Night!

It's 2:00 am.  Little Bit has stomach issues.  He has thrown up twice so far.  Wonder if it could be nerves?  With Shane leaving last week (yes he threw up last Friday night before Shane left too) And now the night before Shane gets back. 

He has no fever.  He had an appetite earlier.  Ate lunch with no problems and acted fine until about an hour and a half ago. 


I checked Shane's flight earlier and it is delayed by almost an hour.  How can a flight be delayed by that much when it doesn't leave for 3 or more hours?  Unless they can make up that hour in the air.  Shane will  have 1 hour to make the connecting flight to St. Louis.  1 hour to go through customs with a 9 month old baby and get his bags rechecked for the domestic flight. 


God is good and he'll work it out.  For now, I'm going back to bed. 


One thought on “What a Night!

  1. hope Little Bit is feeling better, my Joshua gets upset stomaches and not feeling well due to stress too, especially if daddy goes out of town and REALLY if daddy goes to China on “business”. Can’t wait to hear about the baby and her (and your dh) being home!!!


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