Sweet Rest

Precious is sleeping now.  Taking a nap I hope.  And not for the day.  We sure don't want her up tonight.  Although I'm sure her schedule will be all out of kilter for a while. 


I can hardly believe that she's really here.  She woke up twice last night for a bottle.  I did the honors and got a smile after the first one.  We played for a few minutes then she went right back to bed and to sleep.  Bubba was in first thing playing with her and has already gotten a smile from her.  She rarely cries and when she does, we sing to her, or bounce her and she stops.  She is also teething.  Amazing baby.   


Little bit says he thinks she's cuter than Sherman (remember our newest little Chinese Crested Powder Puff doggie?).


Princess can't wait to feed her.  And even the dogs are doing well with her. 


Shane went to work today– I can't believe it.  He had maybe 4 hours of sleep on the plane trip (36 hours) and then last night about 6 hours. 


His flight was late into Chicago by almost an hour.  He ended up with 1 hour and 15 minutes to get through customs recheck his bags and make the flight to St. Louis.  He called me as he was running through the airport with Precious in the Snuggli.  She was bouncing so she was happy.  They arrived at the gate just as the last 4 people were boarding.  God is so so good. 


A couple of people have said that they are have been unable to leave comments– if you have tried, please email me–I don't know why comments are sporadically working.  Each of you that have prayed for our precious daughter to come home are part of her story.  One day when she grows older, she will have all these comments and emails and know how truly loved she was when she came home. 


Don't know if Shane will get to blog today, but please go congratulate him on being a new daddy too.    I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from you. 


He brought us a waffle from Belgium to share.  Yummy!  It's kind of like a waffle with donut glaze baked in.  Wonder if I can figure out how to make them? 


She just woke up gotta run!


8 thoughts on “Sweet Rest

  1. I think maybe your comments are set to only those logged in can comment. Works ok for me!

    I am SO happy for you all! Sounds like precious is very precious! And the waffle sounds really good too!


  2. Oh, I am so happy for you! Tears of joy actually sprang up in my eyes as I read your entry. This has been a long time coming. Congratulations to your whole family!
    Blessings ~ Diane


  3. I can understand your comments about not believing your husband went to work. My husband has been able to endure countless hours of being awake while doing his job (especially in the military.) The remarkable thing is that he is still pleasant and able to function. I think that God must have built that into our husbands so that they could do what was needed to protect and provide for us.

    I am so happy that Precious has been given this opportunity. To be taken from such dire circumstances and give such a wonderful life with a wonderful family who live in a remarkable country. The Lord must have great things planned for this little one. Thank you for listening to his call.

    I know you said you didn’t need anything in a previous post but if you do end up having a shower, I would love to attend. Through your descriptions I feel such joy knowing she has arrived! I would love to meet her and see her precious smile.



  4. Congratulations! I just asked Heather last night what the scoop was… so happy to hear they’re both home safe and sound!



  5. glad your dh and precious new one made it home safely and all is well. I came looking for this news!! congratulations from Taiwan!!


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